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NYPD threatened by rioters: ‘I will f*ck you up! Your DNA will be under my sneaker, motherf***er!’

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NYPD police officers threatened
These NYPD officers exhibited extraordinary restraint when an unhinged thug threatened them. (screenshot)

NYPD cops and police officers nationwide are bearing the brunt of the left-wing media’s breathless stoking of racial resentment.

During the past two weeks, police officers have been ambushed, beaten and murdered by angry thugs whipped into a frenzy by false anti-police media narratives.

John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer, shared a disturbing incident where an angry black man threatened to beat up and kill New York City police officers as they quietly stood patrol.

The unidentified man (who cravenly refused to show his face on-camera) screams at cops as he films his violent threats: “I will f*ck you up! BADLY! You hear me? If if were just me and you, I will beat the sh* outta you! Your DNA will be under my sneaker, motherf*cker!”

The NYPD cops stand patiently while the thug screams obscenities and threatens to kill them. When his threat escalates, the police move to arrest him. Threatening to hurt or murder someone is a crime.

Here’s another angle. In this video, the thug calls cops (including the black ones) the racist slur, “n***er.”


Race-baiting leftists on cable news and on social media are cheerfully promoting these kinds of group beatdowns of police officers.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (who has a 24-hour police detail guarding his taxpayer-funded mansion) doesn’t care that NYPD cops are getting stabbed, beaten and killed because of his anti-police rhetoric.


“Justice for George Floyd.”


Unprovoked, random violence against police officers will deter good, decent Americans from wanting to become cops.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik tweeted: “False narratives led to the riots. And CNN and MSNBC allowed morons to speak without challenging them. Cops responding to calls for help only benefits whites? What about the 70% reduction in violent crime and 80% reduction in murder in New York City in black communities?

The media are peddling lies.

Former CIA officer Buck Sexton pointed out what has become clear to most Americans: “The moment you realize that this is fundamentally about anti-Trumpism and “defunding police” is just an emotionally-charged pretext for Left-wing mobilization in an election year, everything starts to make more sense.”

These threats of violence and mob harassment against NYPD cops has spiked under the incompetent leadership of Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio, who openly despises police.

In November 2019, thugs in the Brooklyn borough of New York City vandalized NYPD squad cars on Halloween by covering them with trash as bystanders mocked police officers by shouting, “Trick or treat, motherf***ers!”

In the video, residents and passersby are heard laughing and taunting two police officers as they remove trash from their vehicle. The man filming the video says: “This is what happens in the hood. Police get trash!”

One of the cops is heard saying that harassing the police in this manner only hurts other Brooklyn residents who need help.

The Halloween night vandalism was followed the next day by protests in downtown Brooklyn. A thousand anti-police protesters vandalized a city bus and yelled profanities at cops to protest the recent police crackdown on subway-fare evaders.

Thugs vandalized a bus with the words “F—k NYPD!” and “NYPD KKK!” scrawled on the side.

In July 2019, NYPD officers were doused with water and pelted with buckets.

In one video, a thug throws a bucket at the head of a police officer while he’s making an arrest in Harlem, New York as a mob of bystanders mock him.

In a statement, the Police Benevolent Association of New York blamed lawmakers who foment violence against cops by repeatedly demonizing law enforcement: “Our anti-cop lawmakers have gotten their wish: the NYPD is now frozen…We are approaching the point of no return.”

But this is exactly what the Left wants.

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Samantha Chang


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