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Minn official tells CNN’s Camerota calling police to protect your home ‘comes from a place of privilege’

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With young liberals taking the streets by the thousands these past days, seemingly protesting for the sake of protesting, after the media and pop culture celebrities have deemed it to be the hip thing to do, America is witnessing the end result of “decades” of progressive indoctrination on college campuses.

That’s the observation of investigative reporter Sarah Carter, who responded to a white liberal female explaining the absurd notion of disbanding police departments — this being the very same crowd dong its level best to disarm you!

The trouble is, the liberal female is Lisa Bender, a city council member in the city of Minneapolis, where George Floyd died after being seen in a troubling video pinned to the ground with a police officer’s knee on his neck.

A police officer who reportedly had 18 complaints filed against him in the Democrat-run city, yet remained on the streets.

Bender was discussing police reform after Minneapolis city council passed a supermajority vote to disband the city’s police force.

Appearing on CNN, Bender attributed the expectation of police protection a product of “white privilege” when host Alisyn Camerota asked, “What if, in the middle of the night, my home is broken into. Who do I call?”

“Yes, I mean, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too — and I know that that comes from a place of privilege,” Bender said.

“Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done,” she added.

On Sunday, nine out of 12 members — a veto-proof majority — of the Minneapolis city council signed a pledge to begin the process of disbanding the police department as it currently exists.

Carter nailed it when she responded to Bender: “We have to stop and ask ourselves how ideas this moronic can be the loudest voice. The danger to our democracy is real and it started decades ago in our college and universities.”

As for our colleges and universities, at the top of the Marxist-inspired lesson list is “critical race theory,” a hard-left concept which claims all white people are inherently racist and that racism is permeated throughout the system of government. For what its worth, many city governments, like Detroit and Baltimore, are predominantly black.

The extreme theory that has gone mainstream in post-Obama America claims racism is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people to further their economic and political interests at the expense of people of color, as explained by Britannica.

The “white guilt” prevalent among much of today’s youth is a byproduct of the left pushing this theory.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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