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NRCC jumps all over Democrats’ call to abolish police: ‘What’s next, the fire department?’

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Some congressional Democrats just make it so easy …

Republican operatives have reportedly begun exploiting congressional Democrats’ radicalism amid the George Floyd “protests” and riots to remind Americans of what awaits them if they vote blue come November.

As seen below, some of the most radical members of the Democrat Caucus have, in the aftermath of Floyd’s killing by a Minneapolis police officer, embraced widely controversial policies such as the defunding or outright disbanding of the police.


Enter Republicans.

“Republicans have slammed the proposal, arguing that while bad actors like those responsible for Floyd’s death should be held accountable, they believe that defunding and disbanding the police goes too far,” The Hill reported Friday.

Moreover, they’re now trying to capitalize on it.

[T]he National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the House GOP’s campaign arm, and outside groups like the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) are looking to seize on progressives’ comments by taking aim at those representing purple districts, many of which flipped during the midterm election cycle,” The Hill added.

It’s just like the saying goes — never let Democrat radicalism go to waste.

“Of all of the things these insane Democrats have tried to abolish, this may be the most dangerously insane one yet. What’s next, the fire department?” NRCC spokesman Chris Pack reportedly said in a statement.

The strategy, according to The Hill, is to use ads, email blasts and social media posts to link vulnerable Democrat congressional candidates to the statements of their backers and supporters in Congress.

Here are two examples:

Republican operatives are also linking vulnerable Democrats like New Jersey Rep. Tom Malinowski to equally radical groups that support them.

Case in point: “[Rep.] Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.) is ‘honored’ to have the support of Indivisible, an extreme liberal group that wants to ‘defund the police.’ Malinowski has even gone so far to say the group is ‘essential to a healthy democracy’,” an NRCC mass email reportedly sent last Thursday read.

Proposals to defund or dismantle the police are also being touted on the local level.

“Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez introduced a motion on Wednesday to cut back funding for the Los Angeles Police Department, calling it ‘just one small step,’ as part of a ‘reset’ of the city government’s ‘priorities,'” the Washington Examiner notes.

Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison tweeted last week:

But it’s not only the NRCC and other groups who’re intent on capitalizing on the Democrats’ radicalism. So is President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Despite Biden’s silence on the issue, the Trump campaign is preparing to use the demands by the Democratic Party’s far-left base to discredit the former vice president’s leadership,” the Examiner notes.

“Joe Biden’s allies want to remove the necessary resources of the men and women who are called to protect our communities,” Trump campaign director of communications Tim Murtaugh said to the outlet.

“Whether it be officials at the National Association of Police Organizations or the Fraternal Order of Police, it should come as no surprise that the thousands of brave men and women dressed in blue know that Joe Biden and his party are no ally of law and order.”

It doesn’t help that Biden is reportedly a supporter of the radical Black Lives Matter movement that’s been bandying about a petition to “defund the police”:

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