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Groveling Minneapolis mayor shouted down, told to ‘go home’ when he won’t agree to defunding police

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Jacob Frey, the far-left Democrat Minneapolis mayor, had to do the walk of shame after refusing protesters’ demands to defund the city’s police force in a video clip that has gone viral.

“I do not support the full abolition of the police,” said the mayor.

“Go home, Jacob, go home,” the crowd which had assembled to protest the death of George Floyd while in police custody shouted as the humiliated mayor retreated through the crowd, and it appeared a man threw something at him.

At the beginning of the exchange, the woman on mic standing over Frey had put forth a “yes or no” question about defunding. “We don’t want no more police. We don’t want people with guns [unintellible] around in our community shooting us down.”

(**Warning for language)

The pandering Frey responded with some liberal, self-loathing word salad about his own shortcomings and then added “the systemic racist system needs to be revamped. The police union needs to be put in its place. We need to make sure that everything from the union contract to the way that the arbitration functions, to the way that our officers in the department behave.”

The woman also told the rally which was reportedly led by an activist organization called the Black Visions Collective by way of warning to Frey that “He’s up for reelection next year. And if he says no, guess what the f**k we gonna do next year?”

Jacob Frey, who took office in January 2018, can now look forward to an even more far-left, Ilhan Omar-style candidate challenging him in the Democrat primary. This is because history has shown that a mob can never be satisfied, assuming if the lawyer and former Minneapolis city councilor even attempts to run for reelection.

It remains to be seen if a viable candidate for the GOP can step forward to appeal to the broader electorate in the city across ideological boundaries.

By the way, remember the good old days where elected officials such as Jacob Frey banned public gatherings and enforced social distancing rules because of COVID? At least he was wearing a mask at the protest.

Frey is also the chief executive who stood by while rioters torched a police precinct house.

As conservative activist, Robby Starbuck perceptively noted, “Frey has groveled and virtue signaled to the far left constantly but it will never be enough. The Democrats created this and it will destroy them.”

Many Twitter users shared these sentiments.

Robert Jonathan


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