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Obama’s tweet about wearing orange for awareness supremely backfires

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Former President Barack Obama thought he would weigh in on National Gun Violence Awareness Day with a social media post to show his support for the issue.

But the nation’s 44th president may have gotten a response he hadn’t expected when he declared that “we #WearOrange” in a tweet on Friday.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

“On National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we #WearOrange to honor the victims and survivors of gun violence––which continues to disproportionately harm Black communities. Then keep speaking up, voting, and changing laws across the country,” Obama tweeted Friday in the annual call to action on gun safety.

But the reference to wearing orange to honor the victims of gun violence took a turn in Obama’s post as Twitter users quickly made a different connection.

Hundreds of tweets with the hashtag #ObamaGate followed, referring to the controversy over claims that Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden and other Obama administration officials were behind efforts to unmask former national security advisor, Michael Flynn.

President Trump told reporters last month that he had “no doubt” that Obama and Biden were “involved” in the crimes committed before he took office in what he had referred to as “ObamaGate.”

But Obama’s #WearOrange tweet and comment on gun violence in Black communities sparked another wave of backlash as Twitter users pointed out his dismal record on the issue.

Obama signed 23 executive actions on gun violence just in January 2013 but never effectively got Congress to pass gun legislation while he was president.


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