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Rules for political elite vs rules for working class becomes transparent as ‘experts’ abandon virus lockdown mantra

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Many of the same social distance shamers and so-called “experts” who only weeks earlier had lambasted lockdown protesters for allegedly endangering the lives of grandmothers and grandfathers across the nation have since performed a 180 and became staunch supporters of the ongoing George Floyd “protests” and riots.

“[W]e do not condemn these gatherings as risky for COVID-19 transmission. We support them as vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of Black people in the United States,” over 1000 so-called public health “experts” hypocritically wrote in an open letter published this week.


Yet weeks earlier, lockdown protesters who were seeing their life’s work be destroyed by the still-ongoing coronavirus lockdowns were demonized as grandma killers.

And no, that’s no exaggeration. Even noted political commentators like Bethany Mandel were targeted by hardcore lockdown proponents who’ve since transformed into fervent supporters of people gathering in gigantic groups to “protest” alleged “racism.”

Look (*Language warning):

And people seriously wonder why conservatives are so skeptical and distrusting of contemporary “experts” and scientists? Perhaps it’s because many of these same “experts” and scientists behave like left-wing political hacks.

Writing for Reason magazine, noted libertarian journalist and commentator Robby Soave recently pointed out that the “experts,” scientists, media figures and political leaders who’ve performed a 180 have demonstrated that they’re willing to capriciously change their allegedly “sound” thinking based on nothing but politics.

“Media and government experts who fail to consistently call out social distancing violations risk giving the impression that their commitment to zealous enforcement of public health measures wasn’t as absolute as they claimed,” he wrote. “It turns out they are willing to make exceptions for their preferred causes.”

What does that make them? Political hacks.

Their rules appear ideologically driven as people can only gather for purposes deemed important by the elite central planners,” Brian Blase, who reportedly worked on health policy for the Trump administration, said this week in a statement to Politico.

And since the elites have deemed protests over Floyd’s killing important, everything that’s resulted from these protests — the accelerated spread of coronavirus, the burning down of businesses, the looting of stores and the murder of innocent black men — is apparently A-OK. But if you protest lockdown orders that are destroying your business, you’re the real killer, bub, or so say the allegedly esteemed “experts.”

The hypocrisy is both jarring and cruel.

“We were told that COVID-19 posed such an existential threat that it was necessary for the government to shut almost everything down, even if that meant businesses would fail; even if that meant people couldn’t say goodbye to their deceased grandparents; even if that meant churches had to temporarily stop offering spiritual and emotional support to people who depend upon it,” Soave noted.

But now none of that matters because the elite “experts” say so.

Thus THIS is allowed:

And so is THIS:


But don’t you dare reopen your business to try to earn a living and take care of your family!

“A New York tanning salon owner who was fined $1,000 for reopening in defiance of the state’s coronavirus lockdown order said Friday that he is already ‘broke,’ as are other members of his community,” Fox News reported last weekend.

“In an interview on ‘Fox & Friends First‘ with host Todd Piro, Staten Island’s Sunbelievable Salons owner Bobby Catone explained that as soon as he had briefly opened his doors on Thursday, law enforcement threatened him with jail time and an indefinite suspension of his health license.”

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