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‘Stupendous!’ Even CNBC raves over shocking jobs report as US economy comes roaring back

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President Donald Trump has repeatedly predicted that the U.S. economy will bounce back quickly from the lockdown imposed by the virus imported from Wuhan, China, but even he may be surprised by the latest job numbers.

As reported on Friday, there was a job increase of 2.5 million in May, the biggest jobs increase ever as the country starts the recovery effort from coronavirus.

Take it from CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who heralded May jobs report as “superb.”

“It’s a stupendous number. It’s superb,” Cramer said, as the Dow Futures jumped 600 points.

“Many people thought this was going to be the historic beginning of the depression,” he noted.

Cramer noted that many observers believed the unemployment number would climb to 20 percent, instead of dropping to 13.3.

“The fact is that we’re back,” he added. “I think there were a lot of people felt that the layoffs would be permanent. It’s obvious there’s so much demand that people have to bring people back.”

President Trump said Friday morning, “We’re opening with a bang.”

“We’ve been talking about a V. This is a rocket ship,” the president said. “This is far better than a V.”


Looking to avoid politics, Cramer said, “This is a great number for Republicans, it’s a great number for Democrats. A great number for the country.”

After describing the results as “joyous,” the former hedge fund manager said that this is a clear sign that the American people are ready to reclaim their lives.

“America wants to do things,” Cramer said. “And employers are not only just ready to hire people back, but they want the country to open. This desire by the government to have nonessential and essential doesn’t jive with what the business community wants and these rallies that we are seeing are right.”

And while Cramer said he didn’t want to get political, he did in dismissing the reality of the numbers being celebrated by Trump supporters, while suggesting that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just as pleased.

“I know it’s an election year and you say it’s stunning — that’s going to be picked up by people, there’s nothing you can do. A stunning number is a stunning number — Nancy Pelosi, I think she would be equally as gratified that these numbers are where they are versus where she felt they might be.”

Right on cue, Rep. Jim Jordan, D-Ohio, took to Twitter to tout: “The Great American Comeback.”

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts suggested in a tweet that according to small business owners he has spoken to, the U.S. economy is “poised for a dramatic snapback.”

If the surprising jobs numbers reported today (adding 2.5 million jobs) are any indication, the economy may be poised for a dramatic snapback as America reopens,” he said in a tweet. “While much of the economy still lags, I have talked to some small business owners who say they are setting records.”

With Democrats and their media enablers in full-on assault mode, attacking Trump at every turn, the American people see results. Historic results.

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the much needed good news from Twitter:

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