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No new cases of COVID-19 found among Lake of the Ozarks party-goers, Missouri health offical reports

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Although it may be slightly premature to take a victory lap, no new COVID-19 cases have been reportedly emerged thus far following big Memorial Day weekend parties at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, prompting state officials to become cautiously optimistic.

During Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s daily news briefing on Wednesday, Dr. Randall Williams, the state’s director of the Health and Human Services Department, succinctly responded to a question about any new Ozarks-related coronavirus cases related to the party-goers.

“The answer, to our knowledge, is no,” answered Williams, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Prior to the update, one man present during the pool parties had tested COVID-positive, according the Camden County, Mo., Health Department, which oversees the Lake of the Ozarks area. While he potentially exposed hundreds of others to infections, apparently so far so good.

In the aftermath of the holiday, officials including the governor, as well as the media, and those in their orbit, criticized the apparent flouting of social distancing guidelines by mostly young people at Backwater Jacks Bar & Grill in Osage Beach and other similar venues.

Images and videos of the festivities went viral, as it were, on social media.

Officials encouraged celebrants to self-quarantine for 14 days or until they obtained a negative result in a coronavirus test.

Dr. Alex Garza, the official in charge of the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force, added that it may take a few additional days to determine if any pool-party-related infections show up.

According to Gov. Parsons, Missouri is testing 8,000 people per day on average with a 6.5 percent positive result. He noted that coronavirus hospital admissions have dwindled by about 40 percent across the state. St. Louis County is the state’s primary COVID-19 hotspot.

“Our hospitals are not overwhelmed. Our positivity rate continues to decline. People are recovering, and we are moving forward,” Gov. Parsons asserted

Responding to fear-mongering CNN after the holiday weekend’s events, Camden County Sheriff Tony Helms asserted that “Social distancing is not a crime, therefore I have nothing to enforce or arrest for. We encourage our citizens to use good common sense, good health practices…they know what they’re supposed to do.”

CNN and other news outlets have abruptly abandoned their demands for continued lockdowns once George Floyd-related protests began sweeping the country.

Over the past several months, public health authorities have determined that those most at risk for COVID-19 fatalities are elderly individuals in nursing homes, along with persons with serious pre-existing conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

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