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‘Woke’ dudes show solidarity with mob; ticked off, shocked when 2 rocks come crashing thru window

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Amid all the seriousness coming out of the protests over the death of George Floyd, to include violent rioting and brazen attacks on law enforcement officers — all of which is being downplayed by the media, as remarkable as that is — a comical video about two white social justice warriors is making the rounds.

Taking a break from what appeared to be a spirited game of beer pong, our heroes are seen standing at a window of an apartment in an unknown city watching protesters marching in the street below.

One of the young men is recording the mob below with his smartphone, and just as he gives them a hearty thumbs-up, a rock comes crashing through the window.

“We’re on your side! We’re on your side!” one of the guys yelled through the broken window.

No sooner had he uttered those words when a second rock busted the other window.

“Holy sh*t!” the guy yells. “We’re on your side! We’re on your f*cking side!”

Michael Knowles, author and host of “The Michael Knowles Show” at the Daily Wire may have won the internet with his analysis of the priceless moment.

He tweeted: “You can spend many years reading many books to try to understand liberal modernity, or you can just watch this 24-second video.

In large part, the protests are the product of a media-induced false narrative about “racist cops” running rampant.

In a Washington Examiner op-ed, James A. Gagliano, retired FBI supervisory special agent and CNN law enforcement analyst, wrote that “what happened to Floyd was an aberration and not normal for the vast majority of sworn members of the policing profession.”

Gagliano included this telling analysis:

“In 2019, for instance, police shot and killed 19 unarmed whites (out of a total of 370 killed) and nine unarmed African Americans (out of 235 killed). This means 5.1% of white people fatally shot by police were unarmed, compared to 3.8% of black people killed by police. The definition of “unarmed” also includes those who violently struggle, attack, or attempt to disarm the involved law enforcement officer.”


Nonetheless, as conservative talk radio host Buck Sexton noted in a tweet: “It’s easy to be a social justice liberal until the mob throws a rock at you.”

Here’s a sampling of other online responses that allow us to laugh at a time when most Americans who love their country want to cry:

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