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UFC champ Jon Jones gives two white teen Antifa wannabes a hard lesson on life

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Two-time undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is not someone you want to make angry.

Two black-clad Antifa wannabes presumably out creating havoc amid protests over the death of George Floyd found themselves face to face with the legendary mixed martial arts fighter and they made the smart decision to comply with his demand.

In a video Jones shared on Instagram, the UFC fighter is seen approaching two mask-wearing teens in his adopted home of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After taking a can of spray paint from one, he targets the other zero, telling him, “Give me the spray can! Give me the spray can!”

Sounding like the juvenile he probably is, the protester initially resisted, replying, “I ain’t doing nothing.”

But Jones’ determination won out, as the dweeb quickly turned over his can of spray paint — probably not knowing who he was messing with.

Jones would offer some commentary about those “destroying our cities,” beginning with the obvious, that these are “punk a** teenagers.”

White, middle class teenagers at that. Young people who’ve likely never had a single moment of discomfort in their lives, who are bored with video games and out looking for a little excitement in destroying communities other than their own neighborhood.

With violent anarchists and other radical elements hijacking the protests to foment revolution, with a hearty assist from teens like these two, Jones has had enough.

“Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore?!? Why the f**k are you punk a** teenagers destroying our cities!??,” the video caption stated. “As a young black man trust me I’m frustrated as well but this is not the way, we are starting to make a bad situation worse. If you really got love for your city (505), protect your sh*t. All you old heads need to speak up, call your young family members and tell them to come home tonight.”

He followed that video up with a second, showing him assisting others in protecting downtown businesses from additional destruction.

“Lots of work to do out in the streets today men. If you’re a real one, call your boys and get to work,” Jones said.

Monday night, he touted the city’s accomplishment of getting looting under control.

“So proud of the city of Albuquerque tonight, the night is still young but as of now the looting is almost nonexistent. The peaceful protest was beautiful,” Jones tweeted.

Jones has been involved in a bitter feud with UFC president Dana White in recent days over fighters being undervalued, and there is some question about whether he vacated his title.

Taking to Twitter, he tweeted Sunday: “To the light heavyweight title Veni, vidi, vici.”

That is a Latin phrase meaning, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

Tom Tillison


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