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Woman confronts white radical liberal vandals: Stop it! ‘They gonna blame that on us black people’

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A black woman who was peacefully protesting police misconduct after the death of George Floyd confronted two white protesters clad in black and told them to take their vandalism elsewhere because African-Americans would be unfairly held responsible.

In a video that has gone viral, one of the women appeared to be spray painting a Starbucks store.

The woman told the duo who seemed dismissive of her concerns (the audio is somewhat unintelligible) about scapegoating and misdirection that “you’ll are doing that for us, and we didn’t ask you to do that. Don’t spray stuff on here when they’re going to blame black people for this, and black people didn’t do it.”

As the two turned and walked away, the woman said “They’re gonna blame that on us. You all are part of the problem.”

The woman then turned to the camera and expressed her heartfelt feelings more fully about the difference between grassroots protests and what the opportunists are doing.

“Stuff like this ain’t right. That’s what the problem is. We’re out here standing together peacefully, protesting without any problems. You got people of all races spraying on buildings, talking about Black Lives Matter, and that ain’t even us. You got police officers coming to a peaceful protest spraying gas on us, and we ain’t even doing nothing.

“Don’t let the media fool you. When they see the vandalism on these places, know that it wasn’t us. And when you see stuff like that, you’re supposed to stand up and say something. Don’t spray on these people’s buildings. That’s not our message. That’s not helping nothing…We don’t need nobody to do nothing for us. That’s why we’re out here doing it for ourselves.”


Regardless of your background, all along reasonable, sensible people have wondered all along how looting, arson of local businesses, physical violence, and other acts that have occurred in Minneapolis and all across the country could in any way advance the cause of social justice, however that is defined.

Individuals who may or not be affiliated with the far-left organization Antifa appear to be exploiting what often starts out as peaceful rallies in various cities and then devolves into anarchy. Meanwhile, America from President Trump on down appears completely unified that the Minneapolis police officers must be held responsible for their alleged misconduct.

As BizPacReview has explained, an odd mix of anarchists, socialists and bored millennials from the suburbs living out some weird fantasy are bent on uprooting a society that they have benefited from, with so-called racial justice taking a back seat in their mind to revolution. Moreover, most of the civil unrest has occurred in cities where liberal Democrats have controlled the levers of government for many decades.

Twitter reacted to the viral video. Here’s a sample.

Robert Jonathan


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