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Woman beating on white officer gets knocked out with punch to the face by black cop

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Police officers around the county are coming under assault as violence erupts following the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd last week and the Friday arrest of fired police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with third-degree murder.

A number of social media posts reveal scenes of officers defending themselves as the already fragile civil society teeters on the edge.

In one post, a woman who appears to be black looks like she is being taken into custody by a white police officer. The female suspect then hits the white officer twice before she is decked by a knock-out blow from a black officer.

Regardless of the woman’s skin color, however, it was her attack on the first officer that earned her the response she got from the second cop.

In New York City, one officer was called out by residents and a city councilman for shoving a woman to the ground as several officers walked down a street.

**Warning: Language

The video clip is very short and does not show what happened beforehand that caused the officer to respond in the manner he did. The woman appears to be approaching officers, however.

A woman claiming to be the person the officer shoved later posted to her Twitter account claiming she did nothing to provoke him, other than admitting she was in the street after officers told her to leave.

In subsequent videos she uploaded to Twitter, she makes it clear that she believes all police are responsible for the alleged murder of Floyd. She also suggests that even if she was being aggressive towards the officer, “he should have had the self-restraint to not hurt the people he’s supposed to be protecting.”

The woman, who appears to be in an emergency room but does not appear to be in any immediate distress, explained in another video that someone close to her protest group threw a bottle at officers, causing them to respond with more aggression to clear the streets.

At no point does the woman appear to understand that, in her case at least, officers appeared to be responding to acts, not causing them.

In any event, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson expressed his “anger” at the incident and immediately took the side of protesters.

“I am so angry and frustrated at what happened in Brooklyn tonight. We knew New Yorkers were planning to protest tonight. We understand why they needed to voice their anger and their pain,” he wrote.

“We failed to de-escalate. The NYPD should be easing tensions, not pepper spraying state legislators and shoving peaceful protestors. Tonight was a failure of leadership,” he added, blaming the police.

The incident came, however, as rioters torched a police van in Brooklyn.

In addition, a Brooklyn police precinct was also overrun.

“City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea called a Level 3 mobilization, and the 88th precinct in Brooklyn had been overrun. The mobilization would require all special units to respond and four cars from every command in the city to the location,” the Washington Examiner noted.

“Dozens” of police vehicles were attacked and destroyed in Dallas.

Meanwhile, in downtown Los Angeles, a police officer was swarmed by a crowd then beaten and kicked as he tried to make an arrest before being pulled out of the fracas by a bystander.

Here’s another view of that incident:


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