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Shocking arrest of black CNN reporter during Minnesota riot coverage stokes media’s race war narrative

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Early Friday morning in the Democrat city of Minneapolis in the Democrat state of Minnesota, a CNN reporter and his live camera crew were arrested while covering the aftermath of Thursday evening’s horrifyingly violent riots.

“The crew, including correspondent Omar Jimenez, were handcuffed and detained as Jimenez gave a live report on a Minneapolis street shortly after 5 a.m. CT (6 a.m. ET),” CNN reported.

“Police told the crew they were being detained because they were told to move, and didn’t, one member of the CNN crew relayed to the network.”

The arrest occurred as Jimenez was filing a report with John Berman and Alisyn Camerota of “New Day.”

Watch (disable your adblocker if the video doesn’t appear):

Of course, being as CNN is CNN, the network tried to exploit Jimenez’s arrest by stoking racial division.

“A black reporter from CNN was arrested while legally covering the protests in Minneapolis. A white reporter also on the ground was not,” CNN tweeted.

But as noted by several conservatives, members of Jimenez’s camera crew were white. Moreover, the “white reporter also on the ground” in Minneapolis wasn’t in the immediate vicinity where the arrests occurred.


Nevertheless, this false narrative was echoed by a litany of blue checkmark “Resistance” members, some of whom were eager to blame the arrest of a CNN reporter in a Democrat city in a Democrat state on President Donald Trump.

Look (*Language warning):

Despite the left’s predictable attempt to capitalize on Jimenez’s arrest, even conservatives generally agreed that his arrest was wrong and shouldn’t have occurred.

“Utter madness. Looters & arsonists allowed to run riot but a journalist is led away in handcuffs for reporting on the mayhem,” conservative commentator Rita Panahi noted.

Others concurred, including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“I think CNN is a joke as a ‘news’ source but why on God’s earth would cops arrest reporters acting respectfully and NOT arresting people burning stores, looting, and assaulting people? Have MN leaders lost their way and their minds?” he tweeted.


“A CNN reporter and his production team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their jobs, despite identifying themselves — a clear violation of their First Amendment rights. The authorities in Minnesota, including the Governor, must release the three CNN employees immediately,” CNN said in a statement following the arrest.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz agreed. When contacted by CNN, he said he “deeply apologizes” for what happened and confirmed that he was working to secure Jimenez’s release. Shortly thereafter, the CNN correspondent was finally released.

Watch the video below to hear his side of the story:

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