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Kayleigh McEnany schools Ed Henry when he picks ill-advised fight over mail-in voting

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany continues to educate the willfully blind media about current events, in this case the obvious fraud inherent in voting by mail when corrupt state officials send everyone either an absentee ballot application or the actual ballot.

In this case, the super-prepared Trump spokeswoman had to school Ed Henry of Fox News on America’s Newsroom in the aftermath of President Trump’s tweets about that bypassing in-person voting would lead to a rigged election.

Henry is one of many journalists who seemingly can’t process the distinction between requesting an absentee ballot on an individual basis and handing them out like Halloween candy, especially in states that automatically register voters through DMV records. Henry apparently thought he was scoring points when he brought up the fact Kayleigh McEnany voted absentee 11 times, apparently because of her travel schedule, according to a report in the Tampa Bay Times.

As always, Kayleigh McEnany was ready and left Ed Henry speechless.

“The president has been very clear, every American is entitled to vote the way that I did. If you or someone who’s working out-of-state and your domicile is in a different state, you are absolutely entitled to request an absentee ballot and to cast your ballot by mail. I am entitled to that, and the average viewer watching is entitled to that, the president has no qualms with that. He’s for absentee voting for a reason. What he’s not for is mass, mail-in voting, what Nancy Pelosi is asking for, which we know is subject to fraud where automatically that state sends to all of its voter rolls a ballot.

“Where in L.A. County you have 112% of the population registered, ask yourself how that happens, and 112% of the population gets a ballot. That leaves 12% subject to fraud. At least 12 percent fraud. So that’s what he’s against. So he’s not against the average everyday American who has a reason for casting their ballot to get an absentee and cast in that manner.”

(Source: Fox News)

Under the guise of an additional coronavirus relief bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to push through voting by mail plus a devious practice known as ballot harvesting in all 50 states, a process that poses massive chain-of-custody issues particularly given that voter rolls are notoriously out of date, and where they have even registered illegal aliens to vote.

For Democrats, fraud is their form of voter outreach, which is why they also consider photo ID worse than waterboarding.

As BizPacReview has previously reported, attempted mail-in voter fraud is a nationwide phenomenon. Moreover, the Heritage Foundation maintains a database of “proven instances of voter fraud” that contained nearly 1,300 incidents as of late May 2020.

In the interview, Kayleigh also called out Twitter for “fact-checking” President Trump but not propaganda from the communist regime in China.

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