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Bystander who outed unmasked MSNBC cameraman tells why hypocritical crew ‘deserved to be called out’

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The man who “unmasked” MSNBC’s hypocrisy over protective face coverings on live television said they deserved to be exposed.

Andy Olson told Fox News how he called out MSNBC’s Cal Perry and his crew for “not practicing the same rules” they were preaching in a viral video that showed the encounter in Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva over Memorial Day weekend.

(Source: Fox News)

“I had a sense that maybe this guy is, you know, out there to get a story: ‘Look at all these people who are not, you know, social distancing,'” Olson recounted to Fox News’ Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “And, I thought it was odd that he had a mask but…a couple [of] members of his crew didn’t have masks.”

Olsen encountered the MSNBC team during a live segment in which Perry was lamenting to anchor Katy Tur about the many people in the area who were outrageously ignoring coronavirus guidelines. But his effort to shame the non-mask wearing public, who were outdoors, backfired when he was called out by Olson walking by.

Perry was attempting to show how many people were without masks, including Olson, when the passer-by pointed out: “Including the cameraman!”

“Half your crew’s not wearing them,” Olson told the reporter.

“There you go, ok,” Perry admitted, giving a shrug and going silent.

Olson shared his version of the video on Facebook, saying he thought he would “get a couple of likes, and that would be the end of the story.”

“Sent these MSNBC FAKE NEWS boys packing after nerdy newsboy tried calling me out for not wearing a mask, and I then called his cameraman and crew out for not wearing masks and for not social distancing,” Olson wrote on his Facebook page. “Two minutes earlier the cameraman (who was not wearing a mask and touching his face) was talking to newsboy face to face breathing on him. Gotta love the media hypocrites.”

Olson told Doocy that he had not planned to be on camera but fired back at Perry when he felt he was being shamed for not wearing a mask.

“But, he turned the camera on me. So, at that point I was like, ‘Okay, you want to, you know, [if] you want to play that game, mask shame somebody, I’m going to, you know, call you out and your crew,'” he said.

“And, they had been there before they started filming, you know, closer together [with] no social distancing. In fact, the cameraman was like face-to-face with the reporter. You know, breathing in his face,” he added.

Video of the exchange from MSNBC began to spread on social media with even Donald Trump Jr. retweeting the video. Soon, Olson’s version of the moment was also being shared.

“Again, I didn’t ask to be put on camera or anything like that,” he said. “And, I walked away thinking, ‘Oh, they are going to edit and clean this up. I don’t know who these guys are.’”

“But, yeah. They were not practicing the same rules,” he added.

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