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MSNBC burned when camera crew’s outed for not wearing masks during mask-shaming live segment

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Another case of the liberal media’s hypocrisy was exposed on social media after an MSNBC reporter was left trying to defend his own narrative.

MSNBC’s Cal Perry was reporting on the scene, lamenting to anchor Katy Tur about the many people in the area who were outrageously ignoring coronavirus guidelines. But his effort to shame the non-mask wearing public, who were outdoors, backfired when he was called out by one passer-by.

“You can see, here,” he said as the cameraman panned to capture images of those without masks walking around outside, presumably over the Memorial Day weekend.

“Nobody’s wearing them, nobody’s –,” he continued before a man passing by, who was recording the report on his own phone, pointed out that the journalist’s own camera man was sans face covering.

“There you go, ok, ” he admitted, giving a shrug and going silent.

“Striking images,” Tur cut in dramatically from the studio.

Twitter users applauded the moment and wondered about the video shot by the man passing by, which eventually was shared, showing the exchange in clearer detail.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany set off a wave of liberal pearl-clutching earlier this month when she called out the media for their obvious bias and hypocrisy, unloading a list of false reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, she slammed the mainstream media for its “apoplectic” reaction when President Donald Trump said he was taking hydroxychloroquine to protect from COVID-19.

Perry’s exchange over the face masks set off a wave of mockery on social media where Twitter users slammed the media again for fear-mongering while failing to heed their own reporting.

Frieda Powers


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