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Woman being interviewed on social distancing gets spontaneous kiss from bystander, trainwreck follows

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CTV News aired an interview on social distancing with Gillian McKeown, who was visiting a park with her dog, and the segment took an unexpected turn that left the young woman blushing breathlessly and the network apologizing.

“I feel as if masks are not 100% important,” McKeown was in the process of saying, when suddenly a man appeared on screen.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the man says to the camera, before planting a long, passionate kiss on the young woman.

“Oh my god,” she said with a huge smile on her face, after the guy let her up for air.

“No, I met him for a second with my dog,” McKeown said, when asked if she knows the guy.

“That’s insane!” she added, with a snort.

Someone off-camera asked the young lady if she’s okay.

“Yeah, he’s so hot!” McKeown replied, with a hearty laugh.

The guy, identified as Irishman Jack Ring, was asked if he was aware of the risks of kissing someone you don’t know during a pandemic.

“I think the kiss was worth it,” the smitten man replied.

While the incident is somewhat instructive on what people can get away with when seen as attractive, there were concerns raised about the kiss being sexual assault — seems some folks didn’t get the memo from Democrats about the #MeToo movement being sacrificed on behalf of presumptive 2020 party nominee Joe Biden.

McKeown, who is seen on camera blowing Ring a kiss and telling him to text her as she was leaving, insisted “it was not sexual assault,” according to the Toronto Sun.

It’s not clear she’d have the same thought process if McKeown considered him to be ugly.

That Ring would have her number suggests a level of familiarity, and he would later tell the Toronto Sun that they had interacted throughout the day.

“She sat down with us for the whole day and she was telling me she likes me,” he explained. “I went to the shop and when I was away she had to leave, so she left her number with a friend for me and told me she wanted to get together, so I came back and they told me what she said.”

“I seen her being interviewed so I went in for the kiss,” Ring added.

Nonetheless, CTV News took to the airwaves after the incident to offer an apology to viewers.

“It was wrong to air this video,” said the appropriately named CTV Toronto News anchor Nathan Downer. “The video demonstrated non-consensual behavior and downplayed the fact that what had occurred was simply unacceptable and offensive.”

Even though both participants found nothing “offensive” about their highly intimate encounter.

Here’s a quick sampling of online responses to the story from all sides:

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