NY Times co-opts Memorial Day, printing names of virus victims instead of our military heroes

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The New York Times’ alleged attempt to politicize Memorial Day weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic has made it public enemy number one to some Americans.

On Sunday, a day before the nation was slated to honor the millions of military personnel who died while defending the U.S. both here and abroad, the Times chose to honor the roughly 100,000 Americans who’ve died amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Alex Berenson, a former Times reporter who’s been increasingly critical of left-wing propaganda in recent times, was among those to cry foul:


He wasn’t alone in his complaints.


While yes, the idea of honoring coronavirus victims by listing out the names of 1,000 alleged victims sounds nice in theory, the Times’ history of pushing left-wing propaganda makes it necessary for real journalists to question its motives and methods.

For one, did the Times confirm that every person included on the list actually died of the coronavirus? Numerous reports have emerged of deaths being attributed to the coronavirus even in cases where the virus had little to nothing to do with it.

Second, why hasn’t the Times published similar lists of the countless Americans who’ve died this year because of other causes, including but not limited to stroke, heart disease, cancer, murder, old age, etc.?

And on that note, why has the paper reportedly never once published a similar list containing the names of those Americans who died while serving in the military?

The latter question is particularly relevant given the Times’ decision to capitalize on and allegedly exploit Memorial Day weekend to honor coronavirus victims instead.

And yes, some evidence points toward the list being nothing but a clever attempt to propagandize. If you pull up the Times’ website, you’ll find other Sunday stories bashing not only President Donald Trump but even the military.

Below is one particularly disturbing example:

“Covid Dreams, Trump Nightmares,” another disturbing headline reads.

But none of the paper’s front-page headlines pertain to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose bungling incompetence is responsible for nearly 30 percent of the nation’s coronavirus death toll and a total of 5,500+ nurse home deaths alone.

Other blue state governors have displayed the same incompetence, thus leading some to conclude that, instead of taking shots at the president and the military, perhaps the Times should have directed its Memorial Day rage elsewhere.




Vivek Saxena


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