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Ann Coulter goes on explosive mega-rampage against Trump to defend Jeff Sessions

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In a near-endless series of scathing tweets posted throughout Sunday, conservative commentator Ann Coulter inserted herself in the beef between President Donald Trump and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions by siding with the former AG.

The caustic tweetstorm began Sunday morning at 4:42 am EST:

Two days earlier, the president had posted a tweet again bashing Sessions — who’s currently running for his previously held U.S. Senate seat — for having recused himself from the Russian collusion delusion probe years earlier.

Sessions responded to the tweet later that same evening by arguing that he’d been “required by law” to recuse himself.

But to hear Coulter tell it, Sessions’ point was moot, because in her opinion, the collusion probe would have never even started had Trump not followed senior White House adviser Jared Kushner’s advice and fired disgraced former FBI Attorney James Comey.

It doesn’t help either, she added, that the president later “bragged” about the firing to the media.


The latter tweet was posted at 12:44 pm, roughly eight hours after she began the tirade early Sunday morning.

Moreover, the tweets seen above don’t even cover everything. In additional tweets, Coulter also bashed Trump for the following:

  • For being the “most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office” …
  • For not building a southern U.S. border wall …
  • For being an indecent person amid the coronavirus pandemic …
  • For potentially costing Sessions his race in Alabama …
  • And for retweeting criticisms of Sessions posted by former football coach Tommy Tuberville …


In one particularly blistering tweet, she stated that she still supports the issues that had inspired her to vote for Trump in the first place — and that her anger lies only with Trump himself for being too “shallow and broken” to meet his campaign promises.


The tweetstorm received criticism from Trump supporters who were eager to remind Coulter of the litany of promises that the president has managed to keep despite being obstructed at every step of the way by Democrats and their allies both in the “deep state” and the mainstream media.


Vivek Saxena


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