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‘If no apology, at least get a grip:’ WaPo fact checker learns what it’s like to get on Kellyanne Conway’s bad side

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(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Kellyanne Conway torched the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler after his condescending message to her about the declassified “unmasking list” related to Gen. Michael Flynn.

The White House counselor to President Donald Trump schooled Kessler, the writer of the Post’s Fact Checker after his dismissive tweet about the declassified list of Obama-era intelligence officials who were involved in “unmasking” Trump campaign associates like Flynn.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Conway initially tweeted about the list sent to Congress by acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell this week, calling out the “unbelievable and disappointing” behavior of “sore losers” from former President Obama’s administration.

Kessler joined the meltdown by the mainstream media in the wake of the damning revelation, and tweeted a response to Conway, telling her to “read the fine print.”

Conway wasted no time putting the “fact-checker” in his place, telling him he should actually read “the BIG print” in his own newspaper and “at least wince or blush.”

“If you can’t apologize, at least get a grip,” she wrote.

“Your paper incessantly accused a campaign I managed of colluding with Russia to win. Time to ‘fact-check’ the Obama-Biden crew,” Conway added.

Kessler did not appear to have a rebuttal but continued to prove his biased “fact-checker” credentials in additional tweets and retweets pushing the narrative that downplayed the story.

He retweeted a Mother Jones reporter’s take:

(Image: Twitter screenshot)

He also shared a tweet from a New York Times legal reporter who claimed that “unmasking an American’s identity in a report derived from foreign-intelligence surveillance is routine when necessary.”

Kessler highlighted others who apparently agreed with his view.

Kessler may have avoided directly responding to Conway’s scathing takedown, but plenty of Twitter users were happy to add to the pile-on.

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