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‘Trash!’ Gutfeld owns Stelter for defending CBS reporter’s smear against Trump: ‘Take a bath’

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Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld torched Brian Stelter after the CNN host attempted to call him out for slamming the network’s “trash” reporting on the White House.

In a Twitter war of words, Gutfeld mocked Stelter’s comeback to his rebuke of CNN’s blatant attempt to spin a narrative of racism against President Donald Trump following an exchange with a reporter.

(Image: CNN screenshot)

The initial tweet from the co-host of Fox News Channel’s “The Five” followed a press briefing Monday in which Trump was asked a question by CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang. The anti-Trump media went into overdrive to falsely report that the president had stormed out of the press conference after Jiang’s question, which she quickly attempted to turn into a false racial angle.

Trump ended the briefing after Jiang and others played their “gotcha” game and the media obediently followed by unloading on the president, claiming he had a meltdown and leveled a racist attack on the reporter who was born in China.

Gutfeld called out the media’s narrative with an analogy he tweeted Monday night, singling out CNN.

“CNN must know they’re doing this. Trash,” he tweeted.

Stelter decided he could match wits with the Fox News host, and followed up with an anti-climactic response.

“THAT’S your defense?” Gutfeld fired back.

“That all Trump’s references to China’s dealings -from trade to fentanyl to corona – which go back years, publicly – must conform to your desperate specifications?” he continued.

“So, it must be “TWICE?” Do you realize how hilarious that is?” Gutfeld added in his fiery response. “Go home. Take a bath.”

Apparently, Stelter had not learned anything from his takedown by the president just one day before. The “Reliable Sources” host had criticized “right-wing media” during the show Sunday for prioritizing news of the decision to drop the Michael Flynn case over the coronavirus pandemic.

The president slammed Stelter as “just a poor man’s lapdog for AT&T!,” responding to a tweet from conservative commentator Dan Bongino.

Meanwhile, Stelter’s lame attack on Gutfeld’s tweet earned him another round of social media mockery.

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