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Pelosi, Dems craft $750 billion aid bill for state and local govs; Republicans not invited to discussion

Nancy Pelosi ice cream meme coronavirus aid bill
Nancy Pelosi is hijacking taxpayer money by unilaterally concocting a $750 billion coronavirus relief bill without consulting Republican members of Congress. (screenshot)

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Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi is drafting a $750 billion coronavirus relief bill to aid struggling state and local governments without consulting Republicans, according to reports.

The aid package that Pelosi is unilaterally concocting would use funds collected from ALL taxpaying Americans — not just Democrats.

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The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has reportedly not discussed the legislation with Republicans in either the House or the GOP-controlled Senate. This makes no sense, because Pelosi needs Republican approval to ultimately pass the bill.

“We’ve really not been invited into those discussions yet,” Republican Congressman Greg Walden told the Wall Street Journal.

Sources say the $750 billion aid package would assist state and local governments, whose economies cratered due to the one-size-fits-all nationwide shutdowns. The legislation could be completed this week and would fork over billions in taxpayer money.

While Pelosi is trying to bail out bloated government bureaucracies, millions of unemployed Americans are lining up at food banks across the nation to feed their families.

It’s not surprising that Pelosi and other Democrats are rushing to the defense of “state and local governments,” since the states and cities that are hardest-hit by the coronavirus are left-wing, like New York and California.

Keep in mind that these left-wing states and cities were already financially crippled due to abysmal management even before the coronavirus crisis.

Research shows that states run by Democrats have the worst economies. A 2019 report called “Rich States, Poor States” confirms that states run by Republicans have the strongest economies.

In 2019, eight of the top 10 state economies were run by Republican governors. In contrast, 9 of the bottom 10 were run by Democrats. Coincidence?

rich states poor states democrat run cities

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he wants to spend a few weeks discussing Nancy Pelosi’s unilateral legislation while President Trump tries to revive the U.S. economy, which has been decimated by panic-induced mass shutdowns.

“What the President and I are now saying is we’ve spent a lot of money — a lot of this money is not even into the economy yet, ” Mnuchin told Fox News Sunday. “We just want to make sure that before we jump back in and spend another few trillion dollars of taxpayers’ money, that we do it carefully. We’re willing to spend whatever it takes, but whatever it takes needs to be done carefully.”

During the past two months, there has been an alarming erosion of Constitutional freedoms as Americans were placed under house arrest while leftist politicians released convicted child molesters and rapists onto the streets.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so people will die (like they do every day from cancer, heart disease, suicide, accidents, etc). We’ve had pandemics before, and we’ll have them again in the near future.

The coronavirus is a serious health crisis that everyone should take proper precautions for. However, it has not been the apocalyptic massacre that the panic-pimping media and Obama holdover Anthony Fauci had breathlessly howled about.

Want proof? Democrat politicians were caught breaking lockdowns to get their hair done.

Moreover, numerous plastic surgeons alerted Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Democrat politicians secretly got Botox, cheek implants, and other cosmetic procedures while banning “elective procedures” for every other American.

“Several times in the last couple of weeks we’ve been contacted on this show by plastic surgeons who were watching after we played tapes of Democratic politicians,” Carlson said. “And they confirmed unequivocally that these people have had work done recently.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Tucker said there’s nothing wrong with getting Botox, cheek implants and other cosmetic enhancements “because it’s nobody’s business.”

However, it becomes the public’s business when leftist politicians jail Americans for wanting to work to feed their children while breaking the lockdowns that they expect everyone else to follow.

“When people in wheelchairs are banned from getting knee replacements, we have an obligation to talk about it,” Tucker said. “Reporters ought to ask these politicians — and it’s very obvious who they are — ‘When exactly did you get that work done? Please explain why that was an ‘essential’ medical procedure.’ Even by the standards of the nauseating hypocrisy we are accustomed to from our political class, this is too much. Botox for me but not for thee.”

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