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Not all Dems love Pelosi’s in-person convention idea -can’t push mail-in voting after hosting summer event

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Claiming it’s important to protect the “life of our democracy” — which is code for the life of the progressive left —  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Monday that Democrats will push for a vote-by-mail provision in the next coronavirus relief bill.

Democrats have always relied on crisis to push through their partisan agenda, and with “Sleepy” Joe Biden being their presumptive standard bearer taking on President Trump, that agenda includes loose voting requirements nationwide.

Right on cue, Lis Smith, the former communications director for Pete Buttigieg, went on MSNBC to suggest that the coronavirus pandemic will still be dictating events.

In a move that prolongs the crisis, Smith said it would be “simply delusion” to think about holding the already postponed Democratic National Convention in August.

“Even though the Democratic leadership hasn’t said we’re going to a virtual convention, let’s be real: that’s the direction we’re heading,” Smith said. “The idea that we’ll be holding an in-person convention is August is simply delusional. However, I do think the Democrats again can use this to innovate.”

This being the ol’ never let a crisis go to waste ploy.

Interestingly, Smith’s analogy runs counter to Pelosi’s take on the convention, but more on that in a bit.

With plenty of skepticism about a convention, Smith doesn’t see how a traditional convention can take place and sees this as an opportunity to do things differently.

“It’s 2020, it’s not 1960. We need to be doing something differently,” Smith said. “To me as someone who’s been to many of these conventions, I feel like part conventions are the TV equivalent of Ambien. They put people to sleep. We did not need hours and hours of talking point primetime speeches anymore.”

Aside from the idea of Ambien being fitting at a convention to nominate Biden, is she thinking of a Saturday Night Live format?

“We could see entertainment skits, we could see discussions and interviews in addition to speech after speech behind a podium,” she said. “This is a time when we should be calling the best and the brightest, the most creative minds in our party together to help us fast forward to 2020 and get out of the old way of doing things.”

The only trouble is, 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi is rather nostalgic about the “old way.”

The California Democrat suggested during an interview with C-SPAN on Friday that Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez “get a gigantic stadium and put people six feet apart,” to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

She wistfully recalled attending the Democratic convention when John F. Kennedy was nominated — yes, she is that old, and still in power.

“When I was a girl, I went with my parents to the convention in Los Angeles, and at that convention, John F. Kennedy was nominated. And he gave his acceptance speech in the Coliseum, this enormous … stadium,” Pelosi recalled.

“So when Obama did that in Denver, everybody said, ‘Oh, it’s the first time,’ [but] that wasn’t the first time: John F Kennedy was the first time,” she said, in reference to the 2008 Democratic National Convention at what was then called Invesco Field at Mile High.

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