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Florida lawmaker says government ‘snitch site’ could hurt businesses trying to open

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A Florida lawmaker is warning that what he considers a government “snitch site” could be used as a cudgel against small business in phase one of reopening the state’s economy as it recovers from COVID-19.

GOP State Rep. Anthony Sabatini insists that the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website could be “weaponized by people with ill-motives in order to harm small businesses,” he explained on Twitter.

“At a time when we should be pushing for a return to normalcy, government is finding new ways to criminalize our neighbors by expanding the police state,” he declared on Twitter.

The website contains a complaint form that allows anyone to lodge a detailed accusation with the government agency against any allegedly non-compliant business.

This complaint procedure could conceivably give the misguided or opportunistic  “Karens” of the world free rein to undermine Florida’s efforts to get back on its feet.

Business owners could face government sanctions by failing to abide by social distancing guidelines or occupancy limitations.

In terms of the overall state response, and contrary to initial criticism from one-size-fits-all liberal fear-mongers, Gov. Ron DeSantis is  receiving high marks for the way he has handled the coronavirus response by focusing on Florida’s at-risk population such as the elderly in nursing homes.

Sabatini, an attorney, represents District 32 in the Lake County area in central Florida and also serves as a captain in the Army National Guard.

He went on to say on Twitter that the “Pre-existing site was for valid complaints—but this new site is titled and specifically tailored for the government-enforcement of the lockdown…It outlines each executive order and categorizes the complaints. It will encourage harassment and more police state.”

Here’s a sampling of the social media response to Sabatini’s warning:


Separately, in Texas, billionaire Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and star of ABC’s Shark Tank has unleashed an army of Karens.

These secret shoppers function in effect as coronavirus compliance police, to snitch on Dallas businesses who may or mot be abiding by the required government social distancing protocols or other regulations as Texas also incrementally opens its economy. Big Brother (or Big Sister) is watching, but Orwell probably never anticipated that the private sector would fund Big Brother.

Robert Jonathan


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