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Castle Rock eatery defies lockdown, enjoys packed Mother’s Day brunch; punishment cries follow

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Odd as it may be, defiance in America today is defined as a restaurant opening its doors for Mother’s Day.

And on that note, C&C Coffee and Kitchen, located in Castle Rock, Col., is a rebel with a cause, as the establishment began trending Sunday after the owner shared a video of a packed house — even though the state remains under a Safer at Home order that closes restaurants, food courts, cafes, coffeehouses, and other similar places of public accommodation offering food or beverage for on-premises consumption, according to a spokesperson for Gov. Jared Polis.

With few wearing face masks and social distancing pretty much out the window, the lesson here may be that consenting adults in America still reserve the right to decide for themselves what is or is not appropriate behavior.

As for the cause, the restaurant shared the following message on Twitter, linking to a Facebook Live video that has apparently been taken down, although its not clear if it was removed by the owner or the heavy-handed social media platform.

After tagging President Trump, the tweet said: “We are standing for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!


“I’m sure a lot of people are wondering like what the turnout ended up being.” owner April Arellano said in the Facebook Live video, according to the Denver Post.

Arellano pans the camera around a room of packed tables, adding that there’s also “a line down the street.”

“So much for some of those people saying nobody would show up,” she said. “And our patio’s full too. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this support guys. I gotta get back to work. Have a great day.”

Arellano wrote that she “would go out of business if I don’t do something,” the paper reported, adding that “if I lose the business at least I’m fighting.”

Reduced to delivery options and drive-up service amid the COVID-19 outbreak, she stressed that they “cannot make it.”

“We are so behind,” Arellano said in a comment. “We have complied for two months. We cannot make it on $200/day sales when 2 staff cost me $250 not counting, food, cost, utilities and rent.”

The stance pretty much the same as Dallas hair stylist Shelley Luther, who became a national inspiration after the mother of three was thrown in jail for opening her doors to feed her children.

Gov. Jared Polis’ deputy press secretary Shelby Wieman issued a statement calling the restaurant’s actions illegal and dangerous.

“These restaurants are not only breaking the law, they are endangering the lives of their staff, customers, and community,” Wieman said in the statement.

For what it’s worth, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told the Post that violating the state public health order is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $1,000 or up to a year in jail.

Customer Nick Whitehill told the newspaper he filed a complaint with the Tri-County Health Department, which has jurisdiction over where the eatery’s located — Douglas County has had 556 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 25 deaths.

Whitehill, who went to C&C Coffee and Kitchen expecting curbside pickup, shared a photograpg on Twitter that has since been deleted, saying his intent was to “shame” the restaurant and warn others.

Liberals were up in arms, even calling for Arellano to be charged with manslaughter if a customer should contract COVID-19 and die.

On the other hand, the concept of “adulting” seems to be catching on in America, as people who have gotten a small taste of what it feels like to lose freedom draw a line.

“Looks like lots of people in Colorado have had enough of panic porn and decided to make rational decisions about risk for themselves. Happy Mother’s Day!” former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson tweeted.

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story, from both sides, from Twitter:

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