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Joe Biden’s attempt to hit campaign trail in the virtual world couldn’t have gone worse

Joe biden virtual campaign rally tampa glitch
Joe Biden can’t even run a 47-minute virtual campaign rally, but insists he can run a country of 330 million people. (screenshots)

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Democrat Joe Biden unintentionally provided some much-needed comic relief amid the coronavirus lockdowns that have decimated the once-sizzling U.S. economy. Biden held a virtual campaign rally for Tampa, Florida, which descended into an epic dumpster fire marred by amateurish technical glitches.

The 47-minute virtual rally was live-streamed on YouTube, but Biden didn’t even appear until 37 minutes in.

Democrats like U.S. Congressman Charlie Crist, Florida state senator Janet Cruz (see below), and Florida state representative Kathy Castor appeared pixelated and distorted while endorsing Biden.

Joe Biden tampa virtual rally fail
Sleepy Joe Biden: Vote for me and I’ll fix all our problems. The self-proclaimed champion for women says he has his finger on the pulse of the nation.

The video feeds were delayed and the event was punctuated by awkward silences. At some points during the livestream, the screen went totally black.

Joe Biden virtual rally charlie crist
These are the proud faces of Biden supporters like Congressman Charlie Crist, who was smeared by fellow leftist Joy Reid in a series of hateful, homophobic blog posts.

When Joe Biden finally appeared after 37 minutes, he awkwardly sauntered in wearing aviator sunglasses as if he were Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.”

Before he started talking, Biden is heard cluelessly stammering, “Now?” to someone off-camera.

After taking off his sunglasses, Biden said: “Thanks so much for tuning in. I wish we could have done this together and it had gone a little more smoothly. But, ha! I’m grateful that we’re able to connect virtually.”

As of this writing, the YouTube video garnered less than 11,000 views. However, there were countless comments under the video, mocking its embarrassing, amateurish technical snafus.

One person remarked: “OMG. This is absolutely horrible. Horrible!!”

Another chimed in: “The candidate who will ‘lead us into a technological future’ does a miserable job with live stream tech. Did they shoot this with a phone that had been dropped in the toilet?”

One man quipped: “Joe can’t even manage a live stream without a million glitches.”

Another commenter wrote: “This is actually an accurate representation of how Biden sees the world. Dementia in video format, pure gold.”

Joe Biden virtual rally YouTube comments

Biden has ignited backlash after his former aide, Tara Reade, accused him of having raped her in 1993.

Reade claims she was fired for complaining about then-Senator Biden’s repeated sexual harassment, culminating in a shocking sexual assault.

Since then, numerous Democrats — including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Dianne Feinstein — have come forward to defend Joe.

These are the same people who insisted that we must “Believe All Women” and denied due process to Justice Brett Kavanaugh when they smeared him as a “gang rapist” despite ZERO corroborating evidence.

tara reade biden google play removes cnn video
Tara Reade (right) says Joe Biden raped her in 1993 when she was an aide to the then-senator. (screenshot/Twitter)

In contrast, there’s credible contemporaneous evidence supporting Tara Reade’s rape accusation against Biden.

Biden has denied the allegations, but his well-documented history of sniffing, touching, and kissing women and young girls has millions of Americans doubting his denials.

As it is, some Democrats say they believe Reade, but they’re willing to put aside their principles because they hate President Trump.

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