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Debra Messing shares rumors about Tara Reade just to smear her character, accusing her of stealing

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Far-left Hollywood actress Debra Messing provoked a whirlwind of fury late Saturday by linking her roughly half a million Twitter followers to a “smear” piece on Biden accuser Tara Reade that was written by two infamous “resistance” brothers.

Non-establishment Democrats and regular-ol’ conservatives alike responded to Messing’s since-deleted tweet by blasting her into infinity and beyond.

Why? Because of the exasperation they felt at the former #BelieveAllWomen fanatic not only suddenly now choosing to #NotBelieveWomenWhoAccuseDemocrats but also participating in the so-called “smear” of the alleged victim.

This certainly wasn’t how she acted two years ago when she and her peers rushed to believe accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s highly dubious, uncorroborated and since-debunked accusations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh:

What changed?

Published about two weeks ago on Medium by the notorious Krassenstein brothers, Ed and Brian the piece she shared Saturday offered testimony from a California-based woman who claims Reade once “stole from her nonprofit, lied, and created stories to obtain sympathy and money.”

“Now we’ve obtained new information concerning Tara Reade’s character, from a non-profit organization based in Watsonville, California, called Pregnant Mare Rescue (PMR),” the brothers wrote.

“Lynn Hummer, Founder/President of the highly-rated horse sanctuary that’s committed to rescuing pregnant mares and orphan foals from abuse, tells us that Tara Reade (McCabe) volunteered at her rescue for a couple of years (from 2014–2016).”

In statements to the brothers, Hummer claimed she was “duped” by Reade.

“I was ripped off by her, not only on a personal level to the tune of $800 or $900, but my organization lost $1400. Those aren’t small betrayals. She’s a master manipulator and it took me a while to figure out,” she said.

Hummer has also posted these allegations to Twitter:

Reade replied by accusing her of allowing animal neglect to occur at her non-profits:

So are Hummer’s allegations true? Maybe, maybe not. All that’s for certain is that the way Messing is responding to her allegations is nothing like how she responded two years ago when equally disturbing allegations about Ford emerged.

Of course, unlike Ford, Reade actually has corroborating witnesses, as noted by Messing’s growing throng of social media critics:

The good news for Messing is that she’s not alone; there’s a whole army of “rabid” hypocrites who’ve sold out their #BelieveAllWomen mantra for the sake of making sure presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden beats the big, bad orange man.

Vivek Saxena


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