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Modoc County defies California Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown

Modoc County reopens defy California shutdown lockdown
Modoc County gave the middle finger to California’s Democratic governor Gavin Newsom by reopening schools, churches, and businesses in defiance of his lockdown order. (screenshot)

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The tiny Northern California hamlet of Modoc County plans to reopen its schools, restaurants, churches, hair salons, and other businesses Friday in defiance of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s indefinite lockdown.

Modoc County (population: 8,841) said it will follow social-distancing rules and its restaurants will cut capacity in half. Senior citizens and the immuno-compromised are asked to continue to shelter in place.

Modoc County has no confirmed coronavirus infections (and zero deaths), so it doesn’t understand why it’s forced to follow Newsom’s restrictive stay-at-home order while its businesses and residents go bankrupt.

Ned Coe is a cattle rancher and County Supervisor. Coe told the AP that “social distancing was the norm here before it became the popular thing in the state.”

Coe added: “Just as our physical health is vital for our citizens, so is the mental health and the economic health of our citizens.”

(Source: CBS Sacramento)

County officials wrote to Governor Newsom last week detailing its plans to reopen while following social-distancing guidelines, but he never responded.

Accordingly, Modoc County is moving ahead with its reopening and doesn’t care if the state of California takes legal action against it for violating Newsom’s lockdown order.

“The Governor himself has indicated that it is time to start opening in a staged and safe manner, and that will be different for different areas of the state,” Coe said.

When asked by a reporter about the reopening, Newsom replied: “Nothing would please me more than pleasing those local officials. But we’re not out of the woods. No part of the state, no part of this country, few parts of the globe have been immune to this virus. “

Restaurant owner Jodie Larranaga says Modoc County residents are responsible adults and should be not ordered to house arrest as if they’re unruly teenagers.

“Everyone knows each other very well in this town and we can’t wait to see each other,” Larranaga said. “Most people here are pretty fed up and over it. My bar tables are already far apart, but if people pull their stools together, I’m not going to stop them. As far as I’m concerned, right or wrong, that’s their choice. They are adults.”

California — which has a population of 40 million — has so far recorded 1,982 deaths attributed to COVID-19. Does it make sense to impose the same draconian lockdowns that coronavirus epicenter New York has on states and small towns that have little or no COVID deaths?

Billionaire Elon Musk — a California resident — says absolutely not. Musk called the extended lockdowns “fascist.”

Meanwhile, two California doctors say it’s time to reopen America because the nationwide, one-size-fits-all shutdowns are a poor strategy.

Instead, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi argue that achieving “herd immunity” is a better strategy to fight COVID-19 without destroying the economy.

“If you’re going to dance on someone’s Constitutional rights, you better have a really good reason — not just a theory,” Dr. Erickson said. “The data is showing us it’s time to lift (the lockdowns). So if we don’t lift, what is the reason?

“Something else is going on here. This is not about science and it’s not even about COVID…it’s about controlling you.”

Tech monopoly Google reacted by censoring Drs. Erickson and Massihi on its YouTube platform, saying their video statements violated its policy, which is to parrot the World Health Organization’s talking points about the coronavirus.


In a stunning turn of events, the WHO finally conceded that Sweden — which follows social distancing but imposed no lockdowns — is the “model” for battling the coronavirus.

Interestingly, the WHO admitted this — but only after the United States destroyed its smoking-hot economy.

(Source: WH)

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