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Who ‘jokes’ like this? Howard Stern says he hopes Trump, supporters ‘take disinfectants and drop dead’

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Considering Howard Stern and his juvenile antics were around when Ronald Reagan resided at 1600 Pennyslvania Ave., you may be surprised to learn he’s still alive.

But alive and well he is, though Stern’s relevance in American pop culture can’t say the same thing.

His 5-year deal with SiriusXM expires at the end of the year and he’s now negotiating with the broadcasting company on a potential contract renewal, Deadline reported. So, Stern could use a little publicity right about now.

And if you want to be noticed in the age of Trump, attack the current occupant of the White House, President Donald Trump — this worked wonders for the career of CNN’s primadonna reporter Jim Acosta.

Given his lack of creativity — Stern still follows the basic format established when now-defunct USSR launched the Mir Space Station — the radio personality followed suit Monday as he declared his support for 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The endorsement from the sexually charged shock jock being timely, given recent developments regarding allegations of sexual assault leveled against Biden.

Stern jumped on the media’s latest false narrative to undermine Trump ahead of the November election, which is to misrepresent his talk about using ultraviolet light as a potential “disinfectant” to kill the coronavirus.

“I am all-in on Joe Biden,” he said. “You see the wall that’s right next to you, I’ll vote for the wall over a guy who tells me that I should pour Clorox into my mouth. Listen, I think we are in deep sh*t. I think we could have been ahead of this curve.”

For an added boost, Stern also targeted 60 million-plus Republicans who support the president.

*Caution: Strong Language

“I would love it if Donald would get on TV and take an injection of Clorox and let’s see if his theory works,” Stern said. “Hold a big rally, say f*ck this coronavirus, with all of his followers, and let them hug each other and kiss each other and have a big rally.”

“A big cocktail of disinfectant,“ longtime sidekick Robin Quiver chimed in.

“Yeah,” Stern continued. “And all take disinfectant and all drop dead.”

Having said earlier this month that he was “probably a Republican if you really think about a lot of my issues that I believe in,” according to the New York Daily News, the shock jock would maneuver later on in the show to get around that conundrum.

“I don’t recognize any of this as being Republican,,” Stern said. “I don’t recognize it as being anything political. I see it as insanity. I don’t know what is going on there, but I don’t have a good feeling.”

After his claim that he was probably a Republican, Stern took a shot at Trump.

“But the thing that I see in the White House,” he said, “does not resemble anything I ever thought of as Republican and I’ve been around a long time. This is something I don’t recognize.”

This isn’t the first time Stern has exploited his “weird relationship” with Trump to sell himself. While plugging a new book last year, he accused the president of faking a pro-life stance.

The alleged Republican also stressed that he supported Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses, with the reaction to Joe Rogan’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders being a common theme — Rogan allegedly has a history of making homophobic and transphobic jokes:



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