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ABC’s Will Reeve caught reporting from home with no pants on: ‘Those are shorts, I promise’!

will reeve pantsless underwear gma
Will Reeve, the son of actor Christopher Reeve, joked that appearing without pants on “Good Morning America” made him famous for the day. (screenshot)

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ABC News reporter Will Reeve became a viral sensation for doing a live TV segment on “Good Morning America” without pants during the nationwide coronavirus lockdowns. Will is the son of the late “Superman” star Christopher Reeve, who died in 2004.

The comical incident occurred yesterday, when Reeve appeared on-camera from home while reporting on how pharmacies are using drones to deliver prescription drugs to patients.

When the camera zoomed out to a wide shot, the TV audience got a glimpse of the blazer-clad Will sitting on a chair in his study without pants.

(Source: GMA)

After being ribbed for flashing millions of Americans on live TV, an embarrassed Reeve swore that he was wearing pants underneath. He insisted that it wasn’t underwear.

“Those are shorts I promise,” Reeve tweeted.

Later, Will joked that the more he looked at the video, the more embarrassed he got.

He remarked: “Man, the more I look at this the more thigh I see. Yikes.”

Reeve good-naturedly joked that his no-pants TV moment made him famous for the day.

“I have ARRIVED…in the most hilariously mortifying way possible,” he quipped.

Twitter lit up with comical reactions.

One woman tweeted: “Showing some leg on GMA.”

Another Twitter user expressed empathy, tweeting: “We are all Will Reeve. Pants are a distant memory.”

Reeve going without pants on TV is reminiscent of a similar incident involving former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines.

In 2018, a pantsless Reines was photographed sashaying through the halls of Fox News’ Washington, D.C. bureau before debating Harlan Hill, a disillusioned Democrat who’s now an adviser on President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

The on-air debate got extremely heated, so Hill later tweeted photos of Reines wandering the halls at Fox News in what appeared to be boxer shorts.

Hillary aide Philippe Reines
(Photos: Harlan Hill/Twitter)

Speaking of getting caught with his pants down, Hillary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton, was recently caught ogling two pretty young girls in a viral photo.

In the comical photo posted on Twitter, Clinton was seen with his zipper undone as two hot blondes walked past him on what appeared to be a college campus.

The lack of context for the photo made it even more hilarious, since Bill looked dazed and confused, like he doesn’t know why he’s standing there on a sidewalk. It also did not appear that the former president was accompanied by any of his chaperones or security guards.


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