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Rashida Tlaib tells Americans, follow ‘your gut’ not COVID-19 task force – it’s ‘more credible’

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President Donald Trump is regularly raked across the coals by the media for allegedly offering advice that runs counter to what the experts on the White House coronavirus task force are recommending.

Little does the president know that all he has to do is become a Democrat and he’ll be granted the privilege to denounce the task force altogether.

Just ask Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who told MSNBC viewers on Sunday to follow their “gut feeling” when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic — after all, according to the freshman “squad member,” that’s more credible than information you may get from any administration.

“I would push back no matter what these decisions and the other folks and these task force that are being put together,” Tlaib said on AM Joy. “Your gut feeling, follow that. It probably is much more credible than what you might see coming out of various administrations.”

Talking out of both sides of her mouth, the radical Democrat was praising Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her heavy-handed approach to COVID-19, which included dictating what stores can sell and banning visits between family members.

The praise coming as Tlaib encouraged residents in her district not to go back to work if they don’t “feel safe.” Fellow squad member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., went so far as to tell people to boycott working, aka earning a paycheck.

“Of the things I admire about the governor is I know she’s listening to the health experts, the doctors; those folks are the ones leading these policies,” Tlaib said. “To talk about, a little bit about, you know, so called ‘loosening up’, I’m not sure how they made that decision. But I know this much, many of our folks, and I tell you — my 13 district strong residents. If you are afraid to go to work, do not go to work.”

The motivation behind this being to hamper the economy as long as possible in the lead up to the November election, of course.

Tlaib added, “You should not at all ever feel like — I don’t care if it’s a president, I don’t care who it is that tells you we need you to go back and we need you to start back with the economy and everything. Your life is much more important.”

A life that may be at greater risk dealing with the poverty brought on by a collapsed economy than the Wuhan virus.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the Tlaib’s suggestion from Twitter:

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