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Biden’s wife Jill does all the talking for silent Joe in embarrassing video

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During Bill Clinton’s first presidential run in 1992, he assured the country that we’d be electing Hillary Clinton as ‘co-president’ and that Americans would get “two for the price of one.”

It sure looks like we’re seeing that scenario play out again with another Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, albeit for different reasons.

By now, we all know what the Clinton ‘co-presidency’ was all about: In exchange for ‘excusing’ Bill’s lengthy history of infidelities, Hillary would get to be co-leader of the free world.

In the case of Joe Biden, however, he’ll be relying on wife Jill Biden not because she’s a power-mad political grifter, but because he appears to be infirm.

One of Joe Biden’s handlers thought it’d be a good idea to put Jill Biden front and center over the weekend, maybe to reduce the likelihood of another major brain freeze.

“And together, we’re just getting started,” Jill Biden says in the ‘promo.’ “This moment reminds us that the presidency is about true leadership. Having the forethought to prepare for the worst. The backbone to lead through chaos. The character to move beyond politics and serve every American, no matter where they live or what they believe.

“Only one candidate in this election has all three…my husband, our next president of the United States, Joe Biden!” she declared.

This is probably the most politically awkward moment of the 2020 campaign cycle so far, and really, we’ve only just begun.

As the Twitter post suggests, it seems as though Jill Biden is being positioned as the literal caretaker of a caretaker president who won’t be in any position to do any of the things his wife just mentioned in her promo, and for the very same reason why she made it: Because hubby isn’t mentally fit enough to be our leader.

In fact, he’s the reason why the 25th Amendment was passed and ratified in the first place.

Frankly, this is pathetic. If anyone is aware of the former vice president’s ‘decreased’ mental state, it’s his wife of many years. Yet she, like the Democrat operatives propping her husband up, so hates the current occupant of the White House she would risk the sanctity of the office and the security of our country, just for power.

It’s obscene, and there was no shortage of reaction on social media.


The Democrat Party is making a mockery of Joe Biden, his wife, and our electoral process in general.

Worse, it’s gotten to a point in our history where a major political party would throw away the country just so they can say ‘We beat Trump.’

Jon Dougherty


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