Dan Bongino pleads with ‘brothers & sisters in blue’ to fight back against ‘outrageous’ orders

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With the image of a mother being arrested and placed in handcuffs for taking her children to the park as a backdrop, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino called on his “brothers & sisters in blue” to speak out against “outrageous orders.”

“To My Brothers & Sisters in Blue, PLEASE, speak w/your fraternal organizations & speak out collectively against these outrageous orders to arrest Americans for exercising their Rights,” Bongino tweeted early Sunday. “We’re losing the support of people who’ve defended us in crises for years. This can’t continue.”

Police officers find themselves in an awkward position as they do their job and enforce laws as instructed, but their recent actions undermine the long-held belief from many Second Amendment supporters that cops would not enforce laws that violate our right to bear arms.

It would appear that if the laws are on the books, police will indeed enforce them.

The alternative may very well cost them a career most have dedicated their lives to. A choice made all the more harrowing, given that there are 22 million unemployed Americans competing for scarce jobs.

Still, the case involving Idaho mom Sarah Brady being arrested after she refused to leave a playground that had been closed due to nationwide coronavirus lockdowns resonated across the country.

“Ma’am, I’ve told you to exit numerous times,” a cop was seen on video telling Brady. “This is it. Exit the playground area now. I’m really trying to be nice about this.”

“Arrest me for being difficult. Do it!” the mother said in return, prior to being placed in handcuffs.

Californians were arrested in San Diego County on Saturday for protesting at a beach against local stay-at-home orders.

Bongino was a police officer with the New York City Police Department from 1995 to 1999, prior to joining the Secret Service.

The responses to his tweet suggest frustrations are running high and that some have already given up on law enforcement, while others want to stick with them.

One thing is certain, cops have been placed in a very troubling predicament… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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