Distributor pulls Michael Moore’s new film over misinformation allegations

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Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore has had his latest film taken down by the distributor over allegations of misinformation.

Coinciding with the celebration of Earth Day, Moore’s film, “Planet of the Humans,” was released this week on YouTube for free, and addressed green energy sources and other issues in the environmental movement.

But Oscar-nominated director and filmmaker Josh Fox launched a campaign against the film, asking people to sign a letter “demanding an apology and an immediate retraction by the [film’s] producers, director and other advocates.”

The distributor agreed to pull it on Friday after reportedly not having seen the finished product before release.

Ironically, the attacks on Moore for the film came from left-wing climate activists who took issue with his portrayal of green energy. The film essentially trashed the idea of wind power, solar power and electric vehicles, among other things, arguing that many of the sources of renewable energy are actually quite damaging to the environment.

“It is very difficult to write this letter, because Michael Moore has always been a hero of mine,” Fox, the director of the anti-fracking documentary “Gasland,” wrote.

“I’m a first-person documentary maker, I have watched his movies since I was a kid and they have inspired and delighted me. However, I am compelled to write this letter because his latest film PLANET OF THE HUMANS, which he executive produced and is promoting for Earth Week, is such a blatant affront to science, renewable energy, environmental activism and truth itself,” he added.

The film was called an “epic take-down of the left’s love-affair with renewables by one of the left’s most known public figures,” by Heartland Institute senior fellow Anthony Watts.

Moore, the Oscar-winning producer of films like “Bowling for Columbine,” and “Fahrenheit 9/11,” recently told late-night host Stephen Colbert that we “are not going to be able to solar-panel and windmill our way out of this.”

“We need a serious new direction,” he said.

“What we have been calling green, renewable energy and industrial civilization are one and the same thing — desperate measures not to save the planet but to save our way of life,” the film’s writer and director Jeff Gibbs said in the documentary.

Moore’s snub earned him fiery backlash from the left.

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