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Gov Newsom uses campaign slogan to praise another ‘promise made, promise kept’ by Trump

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom continued to raise the ire of critics of President Donald Trump when he publicly praised him and even used one of his campaign slogans.

The Democratic lawmaker’s comments thanking the president for assistance to his state amid the coronavirus crisis was soon highlighted by the Trump campaign and even in a mention by the president himself.

Newsom explained during his Thursday coronavirus news briefing that the federal government had promised an initial shipment of 100,000 testing swabs to the state. Out of the original intended amount, the Trump administration had gotten 90,000 of the swabs shipped to California already and promised to follow through with the remainder.

“Yesterday I announced that the President was extending support for new swabs to get more specimens, increase our testing capacity,” the Democrat said.

“We got word today that 100,000 swabs that he committed this week, 90,000 are arriving and we will start to distribute them in the next day or so,” he added, referring to the president. “That’s very encouraging. I know it’s not the 100,000, but they told me they will make up for that 10,000 next week when the 250,000 arrives.”

Newsom, who has been a vocal critic of Trump in the past, got the commitment on the shipment during a Wednesday conversation with the president.

“So conversation, commitment, promise made, promise kept, 90,000 on the way, to be distributed tomorrow,” he said, seeming to declare one of the Trump campaign’s own phrases.

The video clip was soon shared by the president’s reelection campaign along with the hashtag #PromisesMadePromisesKept.

Former Fox News host and currently Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, praised Newsom in a tweet sharing the video clip as well.

“Well done @GavinNewsom working together with @realDonaldTrump to keep America safe and strong,” she wrote.

The president referred to the governor’s remarks during his own coronavirus task force news briefing later that day.

“He said ‘promises made, promises kept.’ He actually said that in a statement today,” Trump said during the White House briefing.

The two leaders seem to have called a cease-fire of sorts since the COVID-19 outbreak.

“He’s done a really terrific job in California,” Trump said of the governor on Wednesday at the White House.

Earlier in March, Newsom extended praise of the president for dealing with a situation involving cruise ships and the pandemic.

“President Trump said everything that I could have hoped for, and we had a very long conversation and every single thing that he said, they followed through on,” he said at a press conference.

“Every single thing his administration said, and it starts at the top, including the vice president,” he said, “has been consistent with the expectation that we’d repatriate these passengers and we’d do it in a way that does justice to the spirit that defines the best of our country and the state of California.”

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