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Al Gore’s eyebrows give it all away during climate-change chat with Joe Biden

Al Gore eyebrows senile joe biden climate change
Former Vice President Al Gore looked stunned when Joe Biden babbled during a climate-change town hall. (screenshot)

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Former vice president Al Gore looked shell-shocked after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden incoherently word-vomited during a climate-change town hall.

The virtual event took place shortly after Gore endorsed Biden, citing his commitment to addressing climate change.

Gore raised his eyebrows in astonishment when Biden incoherently stammered: “Is it too late to aggress the climate change in a meaningful way?”

Presumably, Biden meant if it’s too late to aggressively stem climate change.  For the record, the Earth’s climate has changed periodically for billions of years — pre-dating man’s existence and his use of plastic straws and automobiles.

Gore ignored Biden’s gaffe and quipped: “I’m so excited and optimistic about this campaign, Joe. If there is anyone out there who has any doubt about the choice to be made in this election, it is simple. It’s not complicated. It is clear-cut. Vote for Joe Biden. Vote against Donald Trump. Put us on the road to solving climate crisis and creating a brighter future.”


Biden, who was once a “moderate Democrat,” has been dragged to the far-left by the vocal socialist faction of his party.

To this end, Biden recently introduced a $5 trillion plan to combat the “climate crisis.”

Keep in mind that such an extravagant waste of taxpayer money is out of the question now, when millions of Americans are unemployed amid nationwide shutdowns.

recent temp chart climate ages climate change paris agreement
The Earth’s climate has been changing (and experiencing periodic global warming) for ages — long before modern man drove cars and used straws. (screenshot)
climate change hoax

As it is, many of Al Gore’s alarmist predictions about the “climate crisis” have been proven false.

Meanwhile, Biden’s repeated gaffes during the past year have caused even his staunchest supporters to question if he’s mentally fit to be president.

Many of Biden’s own supporters admit that they’re terrified about his deteriorating mental acuity and endless stream of gaffes.


Fox News political analyst Brit Hume — a 23-year veteran of ABC News — says he has no doubt that Biden is “senile.” Hume, 76, says he can empathize with Biden, 77, because he too sometimes has memory problems.

“I have no doubt about what the problem is,” Hume said. “I’m about the same age as he is and I experience the same kind of memory problems he does. I think he’s senile and I don’t think there can be much doubt about it.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

Hume said Biden’s rapidly-deteriorating mental health will help President Trump win reelection as the United States navigates this unprecedented crisis.

Brit Hume is a frequent Trump critic, but even he believes that Biden is his own worst enemy, and therefore, an unwitting ally to Trump.

“Democrats have to be worried about Biden,” Hume said. “He did very well in his last debate with Bernie Sanders. It was his best debate in ages. But I think he’s senile…It’s not necessarily crippling, but it doesn’t help. People come to that conclusion, so they may be hesitant to put him in the White House. I think it’s Donald Trump’s best hope. The Republican assessment of that is correct. I think Donald Trump will have an uphill struggle. But Biden might save him by being Biden.”

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