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Kurt Schlichter responds to ‘Karen – the new N word’ meme: ‘How about I say whatever the hell I want?’

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This is one story you might think wouldn’t go over well, given the circumstances.

In what is surely satire, a new Twitter account under the name “EmillySwaven,” which follows no one, tweeted a “Karen” meme making the rounds, declaring the “K-word is stronger than the n-word.”

“Yes. The K-word is stronger than the n-word, at least currently,” the tweet declared. “Misogyny and patriarchy has been around longer than slavery. Just don’t use either, ok?”

The meme reads: “‘Karen’ is a sexist and racist term equivalent to the n-word for white women. Calling a woman ‘Karen’ is an attempt to get rid of women’s right to stand up for themselves.”

What’s not lost here is a continued effort on the left to control language and thought, with unhinged liberals determining what is and is not acceptable to say — which is not to suggest that it’s up for debate on whether the n-word should be uttered.

On this note, Kurt Schlichter, a conservative columnist responded to the tweet to declare: “I have a different view. How about I say whatever the hell I want to whether you like it or not? How’s that, Karen?”

As for the use of the name “Karen,” here’s a little history from The Guardian:

“Karen” is commonly used in the US to refer to a strident middle-class white woman who talks down to people of color, usually in serving-staff positions. But the term was never just about racial oppression. As Vox wrote in its extremely extensive history of the trope, the comedian Dane Cook was using it in his act in 2005: “Every [friendship] group has a Karen, and she’s always a bag of douche.”


It’s not like there aren’t enough political minefields to traverse these days without an emphasis on common names not allowed.

On a positive note, with the country shut down and everyone essentially quarantined at home, perusing the entertaining responses to the story is a great way to burn a little time.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:

Parody or not, Kurt’s message

Tom Tillison


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