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Trump’s ‘LIBERATE’ tweets nearly send MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace over the edge

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Nicolle Wallace, ‘journalist’ and anchor for MSNBC’s ‘Deadline,’ appeared to spiral out of control Friday.

Wallace’s meltdown began within hours of President Trump sending out three tweets calling on Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia to be liberated from the dictator-like stay at home orders implemented by their Democrat governors. She forgot to mention thousands of Michigan residents descended on the state capitol April 15 to protest governor Gretchen Whitmer’s additional stay at home orders prohibiting residents from traveling to their in-state vacation homes and closing store areas selling goods like carpets, flooring, furniture, gardening supplies and paint.

Wallace claimed: “This moment is like every other in Donald Trump’s presidency, where it’s about his fragile, teeny, tiny ego and the vast nation that he leads and he’s making all his decisions based on press coverage.” She then scolded, “And Donald Trump today, like a punk, seemed to tweet about, about protestors.”

Wallace called upon her panel guest, Matthew ‘Matt’ Miller, to back up her claims.  Miller, former chief spokesman for Eric Holder, Attorney General under Obama, was more than happy to oblige.

Labeled as an MSNBC political analyst, Miller stammered through his reply, “Um, I think the news from the last 24 hours, not just, um, that we don’t have a national testing program but um, they’re not going to have national testing program has been one of the most, uh, disturbing moments for me since this crisis began. I think of it compared to past, uh, crises that presidents managed. Look, we know we were slow to get testing off the ground because the president in January and February wasn’t, um, paying attention and when he was paying attention he was actively downplaying the crisis and that had real effects within the government.”

Miller may regret these words after a recent video on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter account surfaced, despite the fact that she deleted the video two days ago. It showed her walking through San Francisco’s Chinatown district on February 24, encouraging everyone to visit the restaurants and stating there was no reason to worry about the COVID-19 virus. The president noticed she deleted the video and brought it back to life to share with his followers:

Incredibly, none of Nicolle Wallace’s panel guest showed any reaction as Wallace blurted out her obvious disdain of the president. Her irrational drivel continued to go unchecked throughout the entire segment. The calamity is shown here:

No mention was made that the president has repeatedly, and correctly, stated testing for the Wuhan virus is a state responsibility, while at the same time, reiterating any state experiencing problems would be immediately aided by the federal task force headed up by vice president Pence. The federal task force has continually explained governors have eyes on the ground and are better equipped to address testing issues and requirements for their states.

Neither Nicolle Wallace or her collaborator, Matt Miller, acknowledged it was the president who stopped travel from China in late January as Miller quipped, “…the president in January and February wasn’t paying attention…” After banning flights from China into the United States on January 31, the president made clear reference to the threat of COVID-19 during his state of the union address on February 4. The same address in which Nancy Pelosi tore up a copy of the president’s speech into pieces, claiming, “(it was) a courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was such a dirty speech.”

Once again the facts and evidence have escaped the MSNBC world in which Nicolle Wallace lives.

Julie Armstrong


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