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CNN shamelessly cranks up its chyron game to attack Trump, yields comical results

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CNN opted a while back not to air President Donald Trump’s remarks during White House coronavirus task force briefings, claiming he is often inaccurate and that it’s “impossible” to fact check him live.

On Monday, the network tried real hard to use its chyrons to provide the liberal filter Trump avoids in speaking directly to the American people — to comical results.

At Monday’s briefing, Trump took the agenda-drive media to task and they didn’t like it at all. In the process of pushing back, the media proved to the American people that they are there to be Trump’s adversaries more so than to “report” on events.

And it was in that contest that CNN’s chyrons were fully committed.

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted screen-shots of several of the descriptive banners, feeling no shame.

CNN reporter Kate Bennett was also proud of the display, as she shared the various chyron banners online, oblivious to how they confirm the network’s bias.

Although, you can’t say that The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway didn’t point this out.

I *love* love love CNN’s chyrons, and not just because of how discrediting they are to their very funny claim to be a news organization and not a reservoir of people beset by hormonal rage and anti-Trump derangement,” she tweeted.

Media watchdog Steve Krakauer, a former CNN producer, pointed out a “fascinating” observation about how CNN chyrons differ from Fox News.

“This is fascinating,” he tweeted. “Fox News’ chyrons are objective – just reporting what happened. CNN’s chyrons are subjective – describing how they feel about what happened.”

An example of the dueling chyrons was shared by Mediate:

The one take away in all this is pointed out by the Twitter account The Bradford File.

“President Trump will NEVER bow to the unhinged fake news media. God bless him,” the account tweeted, linking to a clip of Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocking CNN for its descriptive chyrons — a video clip shared by President Trump.

“Imagine the rage of the 24-year-olds in the chyron booth,” Carlson says in the video, after noting that CNN has “a tenuous claim of being a ‘news outlet.'”

Though, it goes without saying that the liberal media was eating up the “propaganda” on display with the CNN chyrons:

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