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Bernie supporters vow: ‘I will NEVER vote for Joe Biden’

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Many Bernie Sanders supporters refuse to vote for Joe Biden. (screenshots)

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Joe Biden quietly secured the Democrat Party’s nomination this week after socialist Bernie Sanders abruptly suspended his campaign.

However, Biden faces an uphill battle to unite his splintered party because many Bernie supporters refuse to vote for Joe.

After the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 primary election in Hillary Clinton’s favor, many Bernie Bros were so enraged that they either voted for Donald Trump out of spite or didn’t vote at all.

The same dynamic could play out this year. Shortly after Sanders suspended his campaign, the movement “I Will Never Vote for Joe Biden” trended on Twitter.

One Bernie supporter promised: “I will never, so long as this body draws breath, cast a vote for Joe Biden.”

A person named Ronnie tweeted: “I will never vote for Biden…He has dementia. He is a rapist.”

Numerous Bernie supporters even left the Democrat Party to protest Biden’s nomination.

“Feels great leaving this garbage party.”


“The die is cast. You won’t be celebrating in November.”

Political consultant Tezlyn Figaro worked on Bernie’s 2016 campaign. She said Biden supporters are in for a rude awakening.

“Let me give it to you, straight shot, no chaser,” Figaro told Fox Business. “He’s going to have a hell of a time moving forward with getting Senator Sanders’ supporters. I don’t care what Senator Sanders said. I have warned folks repeatedly over and over and over, that Bernie Sanders supporters are dead-serious about their platform. It is platform or else.”

Tezlyn continued: “They couldn’t care less about Donald Trump being reelected because they see their lives being affected the same either/or. They have no problem going to the Convention with delegates in hand, willing to negotiate. And Senator Sanders is not going to be able to tell everybody to get behind Joe Biden and think that all is well.”

(Source: Varney & Co.)

Tezlyn Figaro said the Democratic pundits who think Bernie supporters will rally behind Biden because they hate President Trump more than Sleepy Joe are clueless.

“The pundits are getting it absolutely incorrect,” Figaro said. “James Carville said, ‘Everybody’s gonna come together and vote blue.’ He has no idea what is in the heart and mind of a true Senator Sanders supporter. He is completely wrong.”

She underscored: “I am telling you that Senator Sanders supporters will move forward with or without Senator Sanders. So he can either go to the Convention and negotiate [for his platform]. Or he can fold, and they will move forward with the movement without him.”

Figaro repeated: “Senator Sanders supporters will not — the majority — WILL NOT get behind Vice President Joe Biden. Vice president Biden will not radically change his platform. This party is now officially even more divided and Joe Biden is going to have to figure out how to get other voters. But they won’t be Senator Sanders supporters. That’s just the bottom line. The sides have been chosen. A line is drawn in the sand.”

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