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Kentucky cops vow to record license plates, force 14-day quarantine on Easter churchgoers

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In another shocking development during the coronavirus crisis, Kentucky state police will record the license plates of anyone who attends church on Easter Sunday (the holiest day in Christianity) and report them to local health officials so they can be forcibly quarantined.

Kentucky’s Democrat governor Andy Beshear made the stunning announcement at a press conference on Friday.

“We’re having to take a new action,” Beshear said. “Any individual who’s going to participate in a mass gathering this weekend, we’re going to record license plates and provide it to local health departments.”

Beshear continued: “Local health departments are going to come to your door with an order for you to be quarantined for 14 days.”

Kentucky cops churchgoers' license plates
Kentucky cops will record churchgoers’ license plates on Easter to enforce a local mayor’s coronavirus lockdown. (Pixabay)

Governor Beshear claimed that such a threat was not necessary against Muslims or Jews “because we don’t have any synagogues or mosques that are holding in-person services.”

He said it’s critical that “we absolutely cannot bring people together in one building like that” during the coronavirus outbreak. Earth to Beshear: No one is gathering in a building.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky slammed the move, tweeting: “Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here.”

Paul, a physician, recently recovered after testing positive for COVID-19. Rand Paul joins a growing legion of Americans who are outraged that left-wing state and city government officials are trampling on Americans’ constitutional rights.

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Last week, Christians who attended a drive-in service at a church in Greenville, Mississippi, were fined $500 for reportedly violating a curfew order from the local mayor, Democrat Erick Simmons.

Pastor Charles Hamilton of the King James Bible Baptist Church said the police violated his constitutional rights. Pastor Hamilton notes that he and his parishioners all stayed in their cars and maintained proper social distancing while worshiping.

“They parked in their parking spaces, they keep their windows up, the doors closed,” Hamilton’s attorney Jeremy Dys told News 3. “They never get out of the cars — like the CDC recommends. There’s no exception to the United States Constitution for a pandemic. What Mayor Simmons has done is to apply an order without regard to equality. And he has singled out [Christian] churches in particular.”

(Source: Tucker Carlson Tonight)

The Temple Baptist Church in Mississippi had a similar drive-in church service that was also broken up by police.

“We have everybody stay in their cars, with their windows up and go to a certain radio station,” said churchgoer Lee Gordon. “The police started coming up and we said, ‘we think we’re within our rights.’ So they started issuing tickets, $500 tickets.”

Gordon continued: “It may have been 20 to 30 tickets. Everybody got one. It wasn’t per car. Me and my wife were in a car together and both of us got tickets.”

In New Jersey, residents are encouraged to rat on their neighbors who are suspected of violating Democrat governor Phil Murphy’s lockdown orders.

Reminder: The media have repeatedly shrieked that President Trump is an authoritarian dictator. But they have no problems with Democrat governors and mayors acting like totalitarian emperors.

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