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News station launches ‘What Day Is It?’ segment: ‘Cleveland news has officially lost their minds’

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An Ohio news station has stepped up to help its viewers dealing with the isolation and disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Cleveland’s Fox 8 News launched a new segment this week aimed at reducing the stress and confusion for viewers stuck at home amid a statewide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

(Image: Fox 8 screenshot)

Called “What Day Is It?” the daily reminder throws a lifeline to those whose days have all begun to blend together amid the unprecedented times facing the world.

The segment was highlighted in a now-viral video tweeted Wednesday by @abbyhoward26 who captioned the post,  “Cleveland news has officially lost their minds…”

Fox 8 Cleveland anchor Todd Meany has delivered the feature each day, hilariously informing viewers what day it is after an entertaining buildup in the segment that debuted on April Fools Day.

The game show-like jingle kicks off each segment with a screen graphic showing question marks and the riveting query about what day it is. After a moment of suspense, Meany provides the answer – sometimes in deadpan, sometimes with a cheery delivery.

(Source: Fox 8)

The news anchor shared the video segments on Twitter.

In Friday’s edition, Meany strolled across the set, announced the day and promptly walked off camera.

There is no telling if the feature will continue on the station but it is likely, as the coronavirus drives up the nation’s number of cases each day. Ohio ordered its residents to stay at home on March 23 with a lockdown that is expected to remain in place until April 6. Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson indicated Friday that the city will likely continue to ban mass gatherings and events into the summer.

“Anywhere there is a potential mass gathering, we will not be issuing a permit for it,” Jackson said, according to Cleveland.com.

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have climbed past 278,000 and Ohio has reported just over 3,300 cases with 91 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Extended periods of self-quarantine as people are ordered to stay at home have led to many facing a hard time remembering which day of the week it is. The “What Day Is It?” feature on Fox 8 Cleveland has provided a public service  – and some levity. And viewers reacted to the effort on Twitter.

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