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Retract now! Greg Gutfeld gets in heated war with ‘lying scumbag’ Media Matters employee

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld torched a Media Matters reporter for “deliberately lying” about the timeline of coronavirus coverage on “The Five.”

Gutfeld fired back at Andrew Lawrence, Media Matters’ deputy director of rapid response, and demanded he retract his claim that “The Five” downplayed the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak back in January.

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

“Greg Gutfeld says Fox’s ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on coronavirus back in January……BUT he’s lying,” Lawrence tweeted Tuesday, along with a clip of the Fox News co-host saying, “I wonder, when ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on the virus back in January, what was Chuck’s concern.”

“This media matters is deliberately lying,” Gutfeld shot back. “He could easily have checked but didn’t. See my pinned tweet now and demand he retract.”

A video clip of Gutfeld discussing the coronavirus in January was pinned to the top of his Twitter page as well showing the co-hosts on “The Five” discussing the need for a travel ban in light of the quickly spreading virus.

Gutfeld took another shot at Lawrence in a tweet asserting that “We covered the virus early and often,” and demanding the reporter “Retract now.”

Lawrence, meanwhile, was still trying to make his case, tweeting additional examples that targeted “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters.

In response to Gutfeld’s demand he retract his accusation, Lawrence doubled down on his argument.

But his tweet earned a scathing rebuke by the Fox News host who slammed him as “a lying scum bag.”

When Lawrence shot back that Fox News’ coronavirus coverage is “going to get people killed,” Gutfeld warned,  “You’re in deep dude.”

Many Twitter users jumped in to back Gutfeld and slam Lawrence for his inaccurate narrative.

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