Who says quarantine is boring? Nightly neighborhood dance party in Buffalo ‘is LIT’

With the global coronavirus pandemic in full swing, there happens to be a lot of unnecessary fear-mongering and conspiracy theorizing occurring. To hear some tell it, the […]

Man charged for hosting ‘Corona Party’; NJ governor warns, ‘We will name & shame you’

With the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut being the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities in the region don’t have time for shenanigans […]

Doctor’s view that media is irresponsible to try to divide Trump and his medical team sets off NYT media hack

For someone who so frequently accuses President Donald Trump of dismissing the wisdom of experts, fake news “journalist” Maggie Haberman of The New York Times may want […]

Don Trump Jr issues a challenge to Wa-Po after they attack homeschooling

When it comes to the liberal media there are a few givens, beginning with the fact that hatred for President Donald Trump guides their coverage of events. […]

Seattle screecher: Self-righteous woman flips out at street preacher amid ‘stay at home’ order

Seattle is once again competing with Portland, Ore., for the distinction of being home to the most radical, left-wing nut cases in America. As seen in a […]

ICE is using its deportation flights to bring home Americans stuck abroad

Jason Hopkins, DCNF  ICE Air Operations, the air transportation arm of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has so far rescued 466 U.S. citizens stranded in the Northern […]

After Pelosi says Trump is ‘fiddling,’ Chuck Todd asks Biden if there’s ‘blood on the president’s hands’

It’s not clear which is more egregious to the interests of the nation, the politicization of a national crisis by Democrats or their media enablers regurgitating the […]

Freelance news writers wanted: BizPac Review is hiring

FREELANCE WRITERS WANTED – BizPacReview.com, a conservative online publishing company offering daily news and commentary to readers worldwide, is seeking talented freelance writers to report on trending […]

Pelosi calls for probe into Trump’s handling of virus: ‘What did he know and when did he know it?’

Without any pushback from CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested Sunday that every deceased coronavirus patient’s death is attributable to President Donald Trump. And in issuing this […]

Man escapes coronavirus quarantine runs into street naked, bites woman to death

It appears the zombie stage of the ongoing “coronavirus apocalypse” has formally begun, as demonstrated by the stunning events that unfolded in one South Indian community this past Friday. […]

Miami Herald reporter accuses Florida governor of breaking the law when she’s excluded from briefing

In what was explained as an attempt to meet the request by some members of the media to maintain social distancing during news briefings, Florida’s Republican Gov. […]

https://youtu.be/5oFVSQiHWOE and https://youtu.be/2ov04BGPTi0
Home Depot co-founder goes ballistic over Mark Cuban slamming of 3M: ‘This is scurrilous!’

On Saturday, Neil Cavuto hosted a battle of the billionaires on his Fox News program … or more accurately, a distinct disagreement about whether corporate giant 3M […]

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