Study raises hope that blood plasma can treat coronavirus patients

Chuck Ross, DCNF A preliminary study released Friday found that blood serum from people who recovered from coronavirus was effective at treating critically ill patients, raising hope […]

Michael Reagan leads praise of Trump’s leadership: ‘I’ve never seen any POTUS even my father …’

You’d never know it watching most national news outlets in America, but President Donald Trump is doing a remarkable job of rising to the occasion as the […]

Execution hurdles begin to arise for coronavirus stimulus bill is intended to save small business

Jason Hopkins, DCNF President Donald Trump on Friday signed a relief package for Americans financially hurting under the coronavirus lockdown, including a stimulus package for small business […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts how many will die from coronavirus in United States

Chuck Ross, DCNF Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s top expert on infectious diseases, predicted Sunday that the United States will end up with “millions” of cases of […]

Trump announces FDA approval of new 5-minute coronavirus test, emergency authorization of drugs

President Donald Trump announced the development of a new test for COVID-19 that could potentially deliver “lightning fast results.” The president spoke about the new test approved […]
De Blasio threatens to permanently close churches down for defying orders

Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently close down places of worship that don’t toe the line on New York City’s shutdown order. Specifically calling out synagogues and […]

PBS reporter cries victim of race and sexism after Trump bludgeons her game of gotcha at presser

Like so many Americans, President Donald Trump appears to have grown weary of a frequently hostile media constantly jousting with him, playing a game of “gotcha” in […]

‘They must pay!’ Harry and Meghan respond as Trump says US won’t pay unroyal security bill

President Donald Trump responded to reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be moving to the United States by informing them that American taxpayers would not foot […]
Trump extends guidelines through April 30: ‘Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before victory is won’

During Sunday’s White House coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden, President Trump said the federal government’s social distancing guidelines will be extended to at least April 30. […]

Trump slams ABC for ‘fake’ report that he called A-Rod for feedback on his coronavirus response

President Donald Trump has claimed that, despite a report otherwise from ABC News senior editorial producer John Santucci, he did not call retired MLB legend Alex “A-Rod” […]

Pets and coronavirus: Beer company gives 3 months of free beer if you take on ‘companion for your couch’

With the global coronavirus pandemic devastating the lives of humans, some have begun to wonder about whether the deadly virus also poses a threat to our animal […]

Wallace presses Mnuchin on Easter timeline concerns: ‘Wouldn’t that be worst thing for economy’

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to express confidence that economic setbacks experienced from the […]