Not helpful! Crowds completely ignore distancing rules to see hospital ship arrive in NY harbor

President Donald Trump continues to deliver on a promise to use the “full power” of the U.S. government to assist the American people in the face of […]

Donald Trump Jr’s ‘must-read thread’ – we’re all waiting for apologies

Donald Trump Jr. touted a “Must read thread” on social media that slammed the liberal media for “regurgitating” the narrative being pushed by the Chinese Communist Party […]

Calls to swap Cuomo out for Biden in 2020 race have Trump weighing in

President Donald Trump seemed to practically endorse an alternative to Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee. Trump expressed his blunt view that the former vice president […]

Florida church packed as defiant pastor says we’re ‘NOT a non-essential service’; sheriff issues warning

One of the challenges to the prescription of social distancing is holding religious services, but a church in Tampa, Florida, is not to be dissuaded from gathering […]

Fox News defends Jeanine Pirro against rumors she was tipsy on air; ex-colleague was not so kind

Fox News and host Jeanine Pirro fired back at criticism of her show this weekend amid accusations on social media that the host was drunk on the […]

Urns in Wuhan raise doubt about deaths in China; locals claim it was close to 42k people, not 3,299

While some members of the Trump-hating media are eager to hoist up propaganda from Communist China in their never-ending quest to destroy President Trump, this endeavor has […]

Based on the stimulus package, banks should start offering payday type loans immediately

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Congress just passed and the President signed into law a $2.2 billion stimulus package.  The bill […]

Frenzy to lock down ‘social distancing’ trademark soars amid coronavirus pandemic

Social distancing has become a dubious trend as the coronavirus pandemic roils the nation. Interestingly, trademark applications for the term have spiked as people try to cash […]

Marco Rubio ignites firestorm after calling media to task for ‘grotesque’ bad coronavirus journalism

Senator Marco Rubio ignited a firestorm on the left after he slammed the liberal media for its “grotesque” reporting on the number of reported coronavirus cases. The […]

Trump wants hazard pay for ‘warriors’ fighting on front lines of coronavirus

President Donald Trump indicated that his administration is “looking at” securing hazard pay for people who are being exposed to coronavirus while doing their jobs. The president […]

Trump slams ‘sick puppy’ Pelosi for her ‘horrible’ accusations against him

President Donald Trump had harsh words in response to the highly divisive political rhetoric from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the face of a national emergency. Appearing […]

South Florida agribusiness challenges UPS over failure to comply with food safety practices during coronavirus

In response to federal government and CDC guidelines governing the widespread coronavirus pandemic, U.S. Sugar has taken all necessary precautions to protect its workers and its food […]