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Trump slams ABC for ‘fake’ report that he called A-Rod for feedback on his coronavirus response

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President Donald Trump has claimed that, despite a report otherwise from ABC News senior editorial producer John Santucci, he did not call retired MLB legend Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez to speak with him about the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

“More Fake News!” he bluntly tweeted late Friday in response to Santucci’s report, which was also delivered through the social media medium.


As seen above, Santucci claimed in his report via his anonymous “sources” that the president called Rodriguez to speak “about the coronavirus response.”

In additional tweets posted the following morning, the president hammered the entire “Lamestream Media” for “writing and broadcasting” outright fabrications.

He further specifically took aim at journalists who lie by “by quoting unnamed sources that simply do not exist.”

“These are very dangerous & corrupt people, who will do anything to win. NAME YOUR SOURCES!” he added.


So should Santucci’s report be trusted or not?

On one hand, it clearly seeks to portray the president in a negative light by insinuating that he’s so dumb and incompetent that he felt it necessary to ring up a retired baseball player for help with the coronavirus crisis.

This certainly fits the demonstrable #OrangeManBad narrative that the media have adopted ever since Trump took office.

It’s a narrative that’s been particularly prominent during the coronavirus pandemic, with media “journalists” habitually distorting the truth or outright lying.

Last week alone members of the media cropped a Trump quote to make him look bad, prematurely dismissed a potential coronavirus cure touted by Trump, and then blamed Trump when an insane Arizona coupled ingested fish tank cleaner.

Moreover, Trump and “A-Rod” haven’t always been on good terms. In fact, Twitter contains countless examples of the president trashing Rodriguez:

During an interview with Entertainment Today in 2013, he bluntly said, “A-Rod is a bad guy.”


To be fair, these examples all stem from 2012 and 2013.

But by 2015, the two were reportedly somewhat chummy.

“[T]he pair were spotted by The Daily News hanging out at the first annual Hank’s Yanks Golf Classic at Trump Golf Links … where Trump told Rodriguez, ‘You’re doing a hell of a job, great job,'” NJ.com reported that July.

Granted, they were chummy at a golfing event …

Assuming the two are friendly, it’s not clear why it’d even be an issue if the president did dial “A-Rod” — who’s ostensibly a longtime friend — for some advice.

After all, Americans en masse call their friends for advice all the time. Except apparently, asking for advice is so, so, so bad if it involves the #OrangeMan.

Like the media always say, #OrangeManBad.

Vivek Saxena


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