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Joe Biden refers to Wuhan virus as ‘Luhan Virus’ in shadow presser with pathetically low views

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In an online town hall with amazingly meager viewership numbers, Democrat front-runner Joe Biden revealed once again how clueless he is … and perhaps how fast his mental faculties are softening … when he called the pandemic virus, “the Luhan virus.”

Wuhan is the name of the city in China where the coronavirus sweeping the globe originated.

Luhan is the name of a popular Chinese actor and singer.

The focus of Biden’s Friday town hall was COVID-19. The obvious intent by the Biden campaign was to frame their presidential candidate in a controlled setting so that he could spin some facts in a way that might convince voters of old Joe’s grasp of the coronavirus crisis. We can assume Biden did some prior homework for the virtual telecast and that he probably even had some notes in front of him.

However, the Luhan misnomer seriously blew that plan out of the water.

Poor Joe. Those disease names are confusing for sure. In the March 15 Democrat debate, Biden was embarrassingly confounded when trying to describe past epidemics, calling the swine flu “coronavirus” and referring to H1N1 as N1H1. And he was completely befuddled in trying to come up with the name of the Ebola virus, finally settling on calling it “what happened in Africa.”

Is anybody out there?

If the Twitter numbers are to be believed, Joe Biden has 4.62 million followers. His campaign put the word out about Biden’s coronavirus livestream hours before, promoting it as “a live conversation with nurses, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.”

But well into the livestream, YouTube viewers totaled a mere 632 people. And some of those were only there to capture and report on the inevitable stumbles that Biden can be counted upon to deliver in his appearances.

Perspective is important. On Tuesday, a Fox News town hall special with President Trump and a few members of his coronavirus task force drew more than 4.4 million viewers–the highest rated town hall in the history of cable television according to Nielsen ratings. That town hall also boasts more than a million views on YouTube.

Yet, the bought and paid-for leftist media tell us Biden’s polling numbers indicate he will defeat Trump in November … yes, indeed–the guy with 632 live viewers on YouTube talking about his fixes for the coronavirus crisis at a time when most all of America is stuck at home and fixated on COVID-19. Note: two days later, the number of views for the Biden coronavirus town hall is at 8900.

Finally, in case you are wondering about the president’s Twitter account, he currently has more than 75 million followers … 16 times the number of Biden followers.

Victor Rantala


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