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‘You don’t give a damn!’ Pelosi slammed for taking her birthday off, delaying critical relief bill vote

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Thursday, March 26, 2020, happened to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s birthday.

It also happened to be the day that a desperately needed $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill that was passed by the GOP-led Senate a day earlier lay rotting on the House floor because of the birthday girl’s refusal to just “pass the damn bill already.”

Of course, instead of asking why “the most powerful woman in U.S. history” was continuing to delay the process after a week of already obstructing it, some in the media were too busy celebrating the birthday girl as God’s apparent gift to humanity.


After Pelosi announced late Wednesday that she would delay the vote until Friday, she predictably went on to effectively blame Republicans for the delay.

“Pelosi had been hoping that, after the Senate passes the $2 trillion package, the House could move it through the lower chamber by unanimous consent, a procedure for advancing legislation without the need to call lawmakers back to Washington,” The Hill uncritically reported that evening.

“On Wednesday, however, she ruled out that option, citing warnings from GOP leaders that some of their members, wishing to debate the mammoth bill and have some record of how they voted, would block a unanimous consent request.”

She herself reportedly said, “I don’t think we can get unanimous consent. There are a number of people who are working their way here — on the Republican side for sure, maybe on the Democratic side — to object to unanimous consent. But that was only one option.”

That’s a dubious claim, albeit one that could have been verified had she simply tried — just tried — to advance the bill with unanimous consent. But she never did. Instead, she herself called for a 24-hour debate period and scheduled the vote for Friday:

But again, there has been no critical analysis of Pelosi’s rash decision, with the media instead choosing to walk in lockstep with the Democrat leader and praise her for being “a troublemaker with a gavel,” as The Washington Post put it.

Among the public, however, the reaction appears to be wildly different, with a growing contingent of potentially laid-off Americans taking to Twitter to express their anger.

And FYI, the fact that Thursday is also her birthday hasn’t helped matters.

Look (Language Warning):

Pelosi’s decision to delay the vote comes amid a report that jobless claims rose to 3,283,000 last week. It also comes amid the speaker having tried to hijack the bill with spending for unrelated pet projects after having ridden “into town” from an “extended vacation.”

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