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Missouri man who posted himself licking Walmart items charged with second-degree terrorist threat

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Missouri’s unofficial nickname is the show-me state, but one Walmart shopper there allegedly took it to a disgusting extreme in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

In a video clip that went globally viral, perhaps giving a new meaning to the latter term in the COVID-19 environment, a 26-year-old brazenly licked several products on the discount store’s shelf such as baby lotion or deodorant, and then uploaded it to SnapChat and other platforms.

Authorities subsequently charged him with making a second-degree terrorist threat for “knowingly causing a false belief or fear that a condition involving danger to life existed,” according to USA Today.

Warrenton, Mo., police department added the following statement to Facebook over the incidence: “A local resident who took a video of themselves licking the merchandise after making a ‘Corona Virus’ statement at Walmart and posting it to social media has been taken into custody. Charges will be pending through the Warren County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.”

Cops essentially acknowledged that the footage prompted worldwide outrage and added that they take such complaints very seriously.


Law enforcement authorities are holding the suspect in custody at the Warren County jail on a no-bond basis. He reportedly has a rap sheet that includes various criminal convictions.

Unfortunately, this kind of spectacle is not an isolated incident. For example, A California man who posted a TikTok video of himself licking a public toilet seat now says he’s tested positive for the virus. The so-called social media influencer is reportedly hospitalized. Another influencer recently uploaded a video of herself licking an airplane toilet seat.


Separately, a man with more than 355,000 Instagram followers was filmed licking a handrail on a New York City subway. NYC is currently one of the primary hotspots for the spread of the coronavirus. There is some indication that he may have used a fake rubber tongue for this stunt, however.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, some deluded infuencers or online personalities tried to gain social media notoriety with video clips of themselves licking tubs of ice cream at convenience stores or supermarkets and then putting the items back on the freezer shelf.

Is the “contagious” desire for fame and pageviews in the long run even more dangerous for society at large than the current virus outbreak itself?

Or as Fox News commentator Greg Jarrett noted, “Unfortunately, #covidiots appears to be the parallel pandemic to corona.”

Robert Jonathan


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